The Theranos scandal: the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes

She styled herself as the female Steve Jobs, becoming one of the youngest self-made woman billionaires. Now, she faces up to 20 years in prison after being found guilty of fraud. This is the story of Elizabeth Holmes.

01/04/2022 1:52 PM


  • Dahna G.
    19 hours

    Ito na ang nangyari 😆

  • Jai J.
    a day

    Woman of the year

  • Jeanette Z.
    01/16/2022 12:15


  • Kel G.
    01/16/2022 08:15

    'The emporers new clothes' springs to mind

  • Paul M.
    01/15/2022 23:32

    The story of the modern world

  • Andrea S.
    01/15/2022 19:53

    Chris Mathas have you been following this case?. I find it fascinating.

  • Stevie S.
    01/15/2022 17:55

    Why does she sound like she's forcing herself to sound like a dude

  • Rebecca S.
    01/15/2022 15:47

    $$$$$. The obsession of today

  • Jamyang D.
    01/15/2022 09:00

    Why women who r said to be youngest billionaire always turn out to be not? Look at her and kylie. I hope next self made youngest woman billionaire will be actually a self made and a billionaire & not supported by millionaire family or worst a fraud.

  • Hà Q.
    01/15/2022 04:46

    I just can't stand her fake deep voice.

  • Bibi G.
    01/15/2022 03:29

    Does she talk like that? Is your voice is weird

  • Shelly S.
    01/15/2022 01:55

    Yep, be the best liar. Ur a disgrace.

  • Helena L.
    01/14/2022 22:09

    this is that lady that “invented” the drop of blood test but it was a total scam

  • D E.
    01/14/2022 21:29

    She’s garbage. She will have a blast in JAIL

  • Richard D.
    01/14/2022 21:28

    What’s her punishment? Should be sitting next to Bernie Madoff. Only in Merica

  • Ronald R.
    01/14/2022 18:34

    Everything about her is fake... even her voice.

  • Bernadette M.
    01/14/2022 17:16

    Actually, it seems like she was useful of duping men by acting like them. Was it terribly done ? Yes. Are certain top leading men terrible ... yes.

  • Victoria H.
    01/14/2022 14:21

    low key thought mom had a double life real quick Lolol

  • Calise H.
    01/14/2022 12:57


  • Nicole L.
    01/14/2022 08:30

    She wasn't self made. She came from a wealthy family and made wealthy friends and defrauded them into investing in her machine that didn't work. A con artist but that's about it.

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