The training of police dogs

Narco will one day join a police unit, but before becoming a police dog he must undergo very rigorous training to learn defense and intervention. Brut Nature attended one of these training sessions at the Cannes-Écluse Dog Training Center in France. Here is how it goes.

07/04/2019 11:06 AM


  • Dorota C.
    07/15/2021 23:50

    You can still legally drink to death, enjoy 😃

  • George R.
    07/15/2021 21:37


  • Jon B.
    07/15/2021 18:15

    Using dogs for police work is animal abuse

  • בהילו מ.
    07/15/2021 13:07


  • Pierre J.
    07/15/2021 10:25


  • Lanang P.
    07/14/2021 22:36

    Don’t matter how much you train the dog to track the drug!! The drug always can get in in every country in the world!! Cause human are corrupt!! The dog just for show and to take the small batch !! The big one go tru the gate !

  • Kyle C.
    07/14/2021 19:18

    Couldn't defend themselves in WW2 without being over thrown now instead of throwing themselves in the line of fire the French use dogs....

  • R J.
    07/14/2021 19:01

    Hey schmucks, stop using dogs for anything other than search and rescue.

  • Kimberlie C.
    07/14/2021 18:50

    Hopefully doesn't get injured or killed on duty. I've read watched cases. That's sad and angering. Fingers crossed for safety for dogs and police officers ❤💕👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🤞🤞🤞🤞

  • Stephania T.
    07/14/2021 18:30

    Fuck off

  • Alex D.
    07/14/2021 15:14

    animal abuse

  • Kashi C.
    07/14/2021 14:56

    I can't believe I thought this page was cool. These cunts ruin everything.