This bird went extinct and came back to life thousands of years after

Extinct 136,000 years ago, this bird came back through a process called "iterative evolution". Here is the intriguing story of the Cuvier's rail.

05/20/2019 10:53 AM


  • Budd C.
    09/15/2019 23:36

    Truly amazing what some people will believe 🤣🤣🤣🤣(I shouldn't laugh)😔

  • Mitch B.
    08/28/2019 19:38

    They said rising sea levels (136,000 years ago ) now the see level is lower again ( has been for 1,000's of years ) so sea levels ARE cyclical.... Global warming and rising sea levels are normal fluctuations..

  • Andrew W.
    08/28/2019 12:07

    Maybe someday humans will come back too

  • Frank D.
    08/26/2019 13:29

    And the sea levels were higher 136,000 years ago than now?? My, My!

  • Cory D.
    08/22/2019 23:13

    No one ever mentions where the first single cell organism came from🤔

  • Michael P.
    08/15/2019 23:05

    You don’t even attempt to explain what iterative evolution is or how it works.

  • Dennis M.
    08/14/2019 12:46

    Not convence,for me its a water Hen relatives animal...

  • Dharam B.
    08/08/2019 13:23

    Extinct and then came back to life...????

  • Anton W.
    08/05/2019 22:39

    Quite amazing

  • Babar Y.
    08/05/2019 17:32

    I do agree I called this from creature e.g god people may call it evolution

  • Anson W.
    08/04/2019 02:27

    How ignorant we human beings is

  • Ni M.
    08/03/2019 12:22

    136.000 years ago? Fuck off.

  • Christine R.
    08/03/2019 05:29

    So it wasn’t extinct then

  • Matthew L.
    08/02/2019 21:10

    Facebook comments are pure gold, peer reviewed intellectual study explains fascinating and rare phenomenon but nope jesus says that ain't it chief.

  • Md N.
    08/01/2019 20:48

    Evolution is just a hypothesis !..

  • Shah Z.
    08/01/2019 14:49


  • Kadir H.
    08/01/2019 14:14

    Isn't it more likely that the species might have existed already in Madagascar and someone decides to take it to the resurfaced island

  • Javier P.
    07/30/2019 21:12

    Very interesting!

  • Zabi S.
    07/30/2019 11:44

    uter rubish of history, love the bird, but please do you have to own knowledge? what you do not know it really isn't hard to say, "you do not know"

  • Methusela E.
    07/29/2019 11:17

    Thanks for this!

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