This is an eco-friendly houseshare near Paris

Everyday, they do their part for the planet by living together, the 14 of them, in an eco-friendly houseshare near Paris. Brut visited the "Blue House".

05/11/2019 8:37 AM


  • Giulia C.
    06/21/2019 10:39

    ptin j'ai envie de lui épiler sa moustache ça me rend malade

  • Lenz B.
    06/20/2019 21:12


  • Jim C.
    06/19/2019 09:55

    couldnt stop staring at the ladies moustache...overall its a nice idea, but a lot of it is fruitless unless they make the house efficient to run, which as they state, it isnt. Surely 14 people could manage to buy a property so they can: 1. have an energy efficient home, with eco friendly generation (SPV, heat pumps, wood burner) 14 people will be wasting enormous amounts. 2. Grow all their own veg, and not have a chicken house in those conditions, where rats are a near certainty. It's a nice ideal that they have, but they arent looking at the bigger picture at all.

  • Rabi D.
    06/19/2019 07:21

    this is how our families used to live only 50 years ago. many hands in a house can make magic. well done

  • Erich P.
    06/19/2019 06:11

    I'm just confused 14 individuals in that tiny house

  • Susan P.
    06/18/2019 22:05

    Using less sharing more and reusing. This is the only recipe that will bring peace to a volatile greedy world. Can we, will we , affluent countries do it ?

  • Lauren S.
    06/18/2019 21:05

    Very impressive to me

  • Jan D.
    06/18/2019 19:43

    Coming from a colder climate will alter this lifestyle immensely. There are ways for people to inhabit colder climates, but it is usually not as eco friendly for food, fuel and heat. It's beginning to be of more evidence that coming from colder areas is of much more expense for a way of life compared to those that are more temperate. If things are to go in the way that they have, in could lead to more of a migration to the Sun belt than what it is now. I' should be a concern. Sometimes leadership is in recognition.

  • Good F.
    06/18/2019 19:32

    The 1960s was like that!

  • Zafar S.
    06/18/2019 19:00

    You do this in 2019,we Pakistani and Indian are doing this from 1619 and before, so who is modern???

  • Elizabeth W.
    06/18/2019 19:00

    I don't know any store near me that sells bulk.

  • Brenda B.
    06/18/2019 18:45


  • Steven B.
    06/18/2019 18:36

    Not a chance would I do that , fair play to them if that's what they want it's not for me 😬