This mortician is destigmatizing death, one viral TikTok at a time

"I treat it like a spa." This woman makes videos about being a mortician and explains what it’s like to work with the dead ... This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

07/18/2021 12:58 PM


  • Brut
    07/19/2021 20:59

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  • Sandra M.
    07/18/2021 17:36

    She grew up upstairs of a funeral home, just like the Fishers un 6 feet under

  • Alison W.
    07/18/2021 16:14

    She seems nice, but I hope to see the funeral service industry as a whole change dramatically in the next few decades to keep up with the times. It’s absolutely not eco-friendly to embalm bodies, put them in a casket which will not soon deteriorate, in a cement lined hole. And then take up valuable real estate for untold decades into the future in a cemetery which could be used for some other purpose. And they always put way too much makeup on the dead. I need to write a will so I make sure to be cremated, after I donate my brain and any viable organs.

  • Lupe M.
    07/18/2021 13:54

    As a Chaplain I see some of the people that go to you and meet some of the families who are grieving. I may run for office next year, for Coroner. Thank you for your video. Instructive and humane.