This Yangtze giant softshell turtle has just died

This may have been the last female of one of the most endangered species in the world. And it has just died...

04/18/2019 10:49 AM


  • Damion T.
    04/17/2020 00:02

    Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:38

  • Damion T.
    04/17/2020 00:02

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  • Phil C.
    04/16/2020 14:04

    After that they will eat that thing

  • Mary T.
    04/16/2020 12:04

    Blame the Chinese they eat anything that move . Thay make me sick.

  • Ali H.
    04/16/2020 04:15

    And we shall all thank china for it. They ate everything including bats that cause china virus.

  • Chris M.
    04/16/2020 02:22

    China 🇨🇳 kills everything . No respect for nothing and no one .

  • Saiful N.
    04/16/2020 01:19

    Thank god Malaysia still have this animal (probably not the same species, but the same family) used to find this 5 years ago... Stuck in our banana plantation (next to a river)

  • Colleen D.
    04/15/2020 16:43

    Perhaps you should just try leaving nature alone all together and all China and Asia becomes totally vegetarian that will make a world of difference you make the good people in your countries look like heartless creatures

  • Colleen D.
    04/15/2020 16:42

    They cannot leave anybody or any living creature to living a natural life without beating it into submission or messing around with experimentation

  • Colleen D.
    04/15/2020 16:40

    The Chinese will make them extinct soon if they are not already

  • Colleen D.
    04/15/2020 16:38

    I’d like to see how he responds to the treatment

  • Colleen D.
    04/15/2020 16:38

    So why should they capture the poor things in the first place

  • Dan P.
    04/15/2020 07:51

    They probably ate them all!

  • ᜉᜎᜒᜊᜒᜈᜓ ᜀ.
    04/15/2020 05:31


  • Vincent Y.
    04/15/2020 00:56

    Where’s the rest? Eaten?

  • Dexter O.
    04/14/2020 04:59

    Because people keep eating them

  • Jennifer L.
    04/13/2020 17:28

    China should be ashamed of everything it has brought the world!! Disgusting race.

  • Sayani P.
    04/13/2020 17:12

    You people probably eat all of them.

  • Tina C.
    04/13/2020 07:16

    They probably have eaten them to extinction and then they panicked and thought.. We better save this one we won't be able to torture it before we kill and eat it...

  • Kathy F.
    04/12/2020 10:22

    Well done for killing anther animal

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