Top 3 things Trump left out his speech

From "dishonest" media to Charlottesville: 3 things President Trump left out of his Phoenix rally.

08/23/2017 4:23 PM
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  • Cindy C.
    08/23/2017 16:31

    And now we have channel 7 news watertown ny,saying that we need to know what when and where,well they must not have been paying attention when the president said no information will be given out. Why would you put it out there when we have the very same people were fighting right here in the US ,idiots. and no he dosent have to tell you any thing. Fort Drum will know what is going on and rest assured you are not entitled to that information. There have been alot of deployments out of Fort Drum why all of the sudden do you feel entitled ?

  • Deldria N.
    08/23/2017 18:06


  • Cherè A.
    08/23/2017 18:18

    He just loves to hear himself talk and people cheer, the guy is a clown.

  • Imsotyrell P.
    08/23/2017 18:59

    I'm looking at this Arab black man in the back I couldn't focus on anything else 😳 his shirt " saying trump and republicans are not racist." I'm like they paid him big bucks it's not a coincidence he's dark skin Arab.

  • Angel C.
    08/23/2017 19:10

    Did anyone watched the movie get out??? 🤔 i think the black dude in the background is possessed 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Johnathan L.
    08/23/2017 19:41

    That "Blacks for trump" guy looks fake as hell.

  • Elijah M.
    08/23/2017 20:14

    He's just a psychopathic liar

  • Khazra V.
    08/23/2017 20:26

    I agree with the first two but the Sig Heil if looked at in context probably didn't warrant firing. Not that I'll shed a tear for his departure

  • Sebastian S.
    08/23/2017 21:14

    This man got issues

  • Dave M.
    08/23/2017 21:31

    Everyone curious about the guy in the background...

  • Johnathan R.
    08/23/2017 22:00

    Donald Trump pays 50 bucks an hour to attend his 3-4 hour Rally's

  • Matt A.
    08/23/2017 22:09

    It's true though there was violence on many sides

  • Wes W.
    08/23/2017 22:57

    Trump still campaigning for the Job he already fucking has...And is neglecting.

  • Michael P.
    08/23/2017 23:00


  • Mario T.
    08/23/2017 23:34

    Silly trump supporters

  • Daniel B.
    08/23/2017 23:36

    why don't we just take the camera off him and let him stay in mar-lago and put a adult in office

  • Josefina L.
    08/23/2017 23:48

    Que paso con este feo

  • Jon W.
    08/24/2017 00:05

    He left out "on all sides" omg lets impeach him

  • Arbie V.
    08/24/2017 00:33

    Of course, it's bad gossip always picking on Mr. President, nothing new, old news - but that makes me like him even better. The elite Establishment just won't quit along with the liberals and DNC.

  • Jean H.
    08/24/2017 00:50

    I do not remember Obama having re do speeches 😂 this guys ego is just so pathetic.