Trans wrestler Mack Beggs fights for trans athletes' rights

"There's no evidence that trans women have an advantage in sports." This trans wrestler is fighting for trans athletes to be able to compete on teams that match their gender identity.

01/27/2022 11:57 PM


  • Jordan S.
    04/02/2022 15:58


  • Rene C.
    03/07/2022 21:58

    You will not be able to compete against men period and you realize there are men who don't respond to PD's in high doses and there muscle gain's will plateau around 180lbs if there lucky and they will never be able to surpass that because it's there genetic limit because there frame can't support the muscle and if I were u I would take 30 mg of LGD 4033 but it will cut your life a previous female you would have to when the genetic lottery and be on a crap ton of PD's to reach 200lbs+ or even 180lbs and these are limits that good bit of men can reach naturally

  • Judith P.
    02/01/2022 05:53

    OMG, please, to say that men, and they are men, have no physical advantages over women is disingenuous and is simply a lie and there is plenty of evidence to prove it. No matter how long a man has been taking female hormones, they never lose their overall size, upper body strength, greater lung capacity, stronger grip, faster twitch reaction time, and more. These facts make it clear that allowing biological males to compete against women is unfair to women and erases the reason for Title IV which is to create a level playing field and right the inequities. Now we have "trans" like Lia Thomas, the swimmer who was mediocre when competing against other men, winning races and flashing his genitals around while sharing a locker room with women. Nothing fair about it and we should all be protesting this travesty.

  • Wesley S.
    01/31/2022 03:56


  • Elizabeth T.
    01/28/2022 18:13

    Are you joking? The evidence is historically and physiologically obvious.

  • Nevin S.
    01/28/2022 15:04

    spinning a false narrative- only a lefty could buy this BS

  • Marie E.
    01/28/2022 12:03


  • Tom M.
    01/28/2022 03:01

    No ! Get a grip a hole’s

  • Shamsi R.
    01/28/2022 01:47

    These trans issues, how much money do people make per view of these videos?

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