Trevor Noah's hopes and fears for America

"I fear that many people will learn nothing from this experience." Speaking to a graduating class at Princeton, Trevor Noah described his hopes and fears for America as he reflected on the pandemic.

05/18/2021 11:58 PM


  • Serena M.
    05/28/2021 12:34

    What about the teachers? Can they stay at home and work? Is it possible?

  • Thiru S.
    05/28/2021 12:03

    TREVOR is an ideological ally of BRUT CRAP. Just like the "peaceful " BRUT owner and his "peaceful " followers hate India, Trevor hates USA. Trevor is the most ungrateful species. He is a foreigner who makes millions in America and tries every night to bring America down. Just like the "peaceful " in India who live off Indian tax payer trying to bring India down.

  • Saleem P.
    05/28/2021 08:18

    Didn't it was him who said to protest together in street in large numbers against Indian government during this Coronavirus time? .

  • Hervé F.
    05/28/2021 08:01

    The world will never be like before. This pandemic give us some lessons for our life (Job, private life, mindset etc). It's necessary to retain the lessons and be stronger than before the pandemic. Unfortunately the most of politicians worldwide will never understand theirs mistakes and the lessons to remember.

  • Neelam J.
    05/28/2021 07:46

    Do you really think people will behave better, let's prepare to fight the stupid trump and Reps in next election and succeed

  • Rajesh S.
    05/28/2021 07:43

    Your Government should think about it 😉

  • Rajesh S.
    05/28/2021 07:39

    Hi 😊

  • Banban M.
    05/22/2021 05:28

    TR€V0R is a L00T€R like the BLM. Yuck! D1$GU$T1NG like Ge0RG€ FL0YD. Ewwwww

  • Craig C.
    05/19/2021 20:59

    Most people would rather get unemployment than work. This is a joke

  • Craig C.
    05/19/2021 20:58


  • Brut
    05/19/2021 18:14

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  • Tavener W.
    05/19/2021 00:07

    I think his fear is definitely warranted. Because the majority of people lack his ability for self reflection or introspection, on any level. Especially as deep as a person's needs to be, to realize this.