TV Stars Travel to U.S.-Mexico Border

America Ferrera led a delegation of Hollywood stars to the U.S.-Mexico border to shed light on what she calls a humanitarian crisis.

03/14/2019 12:01 PM
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  • Michael C.
    03/14/2019 12:04

    Maybe it’s time to retire to Madrid, Spain.

  • Paul V.
    03/14/2019 14:00

    how many will sit back and collect welfare for the rest of their lives

  • Vaj K.
    03/14/2019 14:32

    Paul Varino do you actually read instead of watch fake news on how many refugees or immigrants actaully move off of welfare quicker than non immigrants? Do you know statistically who receives welfare and stays on it longest??? Ignorance must be bliss.... ignorance fosters hates and hate turns into race wars which leads to racism. Please I implore you to do research before opening your uneducated mouth and attacking those that are already down ....

  • Brut
    03/14/2019 16:47

    Meanwhile... Trump is using some interesting sources for his intel about the border crisis.

  • Jay D.
    03/14/2019 21:08

    Let in the 3rd world you become the 3rd world