Two white giraffes killed by poachers

This extremely rare white giraffe and her calf have been allegedly killed by poachers. Her other calf is now the last known white giraffe in Kenya.

This exceptional animal has just been killed

This white giraffe’s remains have been found in Kenya next to her calf. They appear to have been killed by poachers about 4 months ago. This tragic discovery was made in a preserve in the southeast of the country. This is where this giraffe was found in 2017, quickly becoming famous after photos showing her with her calf were published on the internet. In August 2019, she gave birth to her second calf, the one she was found dead next to. Her eldest calf, a male, is now the last white giraffe in Kenya.

These giraffes weren’t albino but were suffering from leucism, another genetic peculiarity causing them to have a white coat. It didn’t seem to pose a problem for the animals.The only other known white giraffe was observed in 2016 in Tanzania.Reticulated giraffes, the species that the white giraffes belong to, saw their population drop by 50% in 30 years. They have been classified as an endangered species since 2018.


03/12/2020 1:19 PM


  • Pam M.
    12/06/2020 09:50

    That is so so sad. Words fail me.

  • Carole A.
    04/01/2020 02:07

    That's horrible.

  • Amy B.
    04/01/2020 00:56

    I'm so sorry 💔😔 RIP

  • Anne H.
    03/31/2020 22:55

    I like the pictures of the hunter becoming the hunted ---- and losing.

  • Manetta G.
    03/31/2020 19:50

    What dip shit would do such a horrible ack

  • Donna B.
    03/31/2020 03:32

    People are evil !

  • Angel S.
    03/31/2020 00:34

    So sad

  • Debbie L.
    03/30/2020 21:22

    Every time I see a beautiful white creature...albino or not, I pray for their safety cause I just know some moron will kill it for a head to mount or other sicko possession....some just for a picture.....makes me so angry!

  • Lisa M.
    03/30/2020 11:51

    Why would someone kill them beautiful animal's? Ignorant!

  • David G.
    03/29/2020 23:11

    Find the poachers, treat them to the same fate.

  • Rose B.
    03/29/2020 20:17

    So sad.

  • Margaret S.
    03/29/2020 19:34

    I hope they go to jail and I can't wait for karma.

  • Aileen S.
    03/29/2020 04:19

    Then stop putting the pictures out for the idiots to hunt them.

  • Connie C.
    03/28/2020 21:58

    Be a fitting fate for the poachers. Bring on the elephants and lions they seem to be doing a good job

  • Diona G.
    03/28/2020 14:41

    People are assholes

  • Kerry L.
    03/27/2020 18:35

    Poaching implies the animal was harvested for its meat, skin or other body part. If the bodies were just left there, they were exterminated NOT poached.

  • Danny D.
    03/27/2020 13:22


  • Maria B.
    03/27/2020 12:16

    Beautiful x

  • Linda G.
    03/26/2020 20:49

    People suck

  • Craig J.
    03/26/2020 13:57

    Fuck up

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