• Nigel W.
    02/09/2018 14:08

    for Holly

  • Thatbich B.
    02/09/2018 11:07

    Those Cameras are way too big, and probably caused them unnoticeable stress. But just as cats usually will not show you when they are vulnerable or stressed because of instinct, this is obviously happening to this bear. = LOGIC Love the idea of this project proud of you humans for making such a big difference to the world and helping make world this a better place.

  • Irene I.
    02/09/2018 09:53

    Man kill's man.

  • Amy J.
    02/08/2018 17:14

    !!! Polar bears!!!

  • HealthFitness C.
    02/08/2018 16:30

    It will and always has been about humans. We give no craps for any life here besides our own. Sadly though we will all be dead soon so even that won't matter.

  • HealthFitness C.
    02/08/2018 16:29

    So to fix this problem of polar bears dissapearing we put cameras on their neck revealing really nothing. Well done human kind still proving you are the dumbest species on earth. Now here comes the insults. Because at the end of the day its not about the polar bears. It's about the humans.

  • Jovian L.
    02/08/2018 16:24

    Their future is our future. Please share the awareness

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