Vanessa Bryant's emotional speech at her late husband and daughter's memorial

“May you both rest in peace and have fun in heaven until we meet again one day.” Vanessa Bryant paid tribute to her husband Kobe and daughter Gianna at their emotional memorial service in Los Angeles.

Emotional speech during the memorial service at the Staples Center

On 2/24/20, thousands of people, which included friends, family, and fans, gathered at the Staples Center in Los Angeles to mourn the loss of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and the six other people involved in their fatal helicopter crash.

Vanessa Bryant’s speech

“I won’t be able to tell her how gorgeous she looks on her wedding day. I’ll never get to see my baby girl walk down the aisle, have a father-daughter dance with her daddy, dance on the dance floor with me or have babies of her own. Gianna would have been an amazing mommy. She was very maternal ever since she was really little. Kobe always said she was me. She had my fire, my personality and sarcasm, and she was tender and loving on the inside. She had the best laugh. Kobe and I have been together since I was 17-and-a-half years old. I was his first girlfriend, his first love, his wife, his best friends, his confidant, and his protector. He was the most amazing husband. Kobe loved me more than I could ever express or put into words. He was the early bird, and I was the night owl. I was fire, and he was ice. And vice versa at times. We balanced each other out. He would do anything for me. I have no idea how I deserved a man that loved and wanted me more than Kobe. God knew they couldn’t be on this earth without each other. He had to bring them home to have them together. Babe, you take care of our Gigi. And I got Nani, Bibi, and Koko. We’re still the best team. May you both rest in peace and have fun in heaven until we meet again one day. We love you both and miss you. Forever and always, Mommy.”


02/24/2020 10:27 PMupdated: 02/24/2020 10:37 PM
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  • Donnavitale V.
    06/13/2020 20:01

    My heart breaks for this family.

  • Sonya G.
    06/10/2020 15:57


  • Liz P.
    05/28/2020 04:44

    Vanessa, sorry for your lost wish I could take your pain away !! I can 🙏for you and your family every day 😪

  • Tammy A.
    05/26/2020 01:42


  • Damile M.
    05/25/2020 23:01

    Cuánto dolor parte el arma 🙏🙏😭😭

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  • Christine L.
    05/14/2020 22:10

    Vanessa , it took strength for her to get up there and give her heartwarming love for her two souls ! Love you Vanessa Bryant

  • Ruthven Y.
    05/14/2020 17:35

    Stay strong and God bless you

  • Linda B.
    05/14/2020 17:34

    Sooooo saddddd God Bless

  • Katherine C.
    05/14/2020 06:30

    R.i.p Kobe and beautifull Daughter

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  • Padbcc W.
    05/12/2020 04:52

    I've never been so m9ved emotionally than by Mrs. Bryant. I undertstood the l8ve she had for Kobe & he had for her. I know the love a Mother has for her child. I will continue to pray for Mrs. Bryant & her daughters. Because living without your strength will be very hard. Kobe built a family which he loved but with God Mrs. Bryant, all things are possible. My strength comes from God. I currently lost my toes in a very serious operation and havent been able to walk in 2 years. I'm scared but I won't give up. Im here. You are here and you have 3 beautiful hirls here that need their Mom. Trust and believe God will ease your pain. We love u and Gigi& Kobe.

  • Mary C.
    05/04/2020 23:34

    She is a true woman wonderful wife mom friend daughter and who every she touched shes s ANGEL HUGS FROM CALIFORNIA

  • Stephanie V.
    05/03/2020 05:05

    I lost my son

  • Kathy T.
    05/02/2020 04:27

    So sad, R.I.P

  • Brenee F.
    04/19/2020 00:50

    God bless her heart may god give her strength she need