Veteran Fixes Cars at No Charge: Update

Earlier this year, Brut spoke to an Army veteran who repairs cars for free out of his driveway. Now, he has his own shop. 🚗🔧

They’ve never turned anyone down, and they never will

Veteran Adam Ely started a free car repair service in Oklahoma City. Through Hard Luck Automotive Services, Ely would drive his truck to help people in need. When Brut interviewed him in March 2019, he was working out of his driveway. Since Dec. 2017, Adam Ely, and his wife, Toni, of Choctaw, have operated Hard Luck Automotive Services, located at 616 SW 29th St. in Oklahoma City, with the premise, “if you can afford the parts, we’ll fix your car for free.” Toni currently works as a civilian in the B-1 and B-52 Bomber Division at Tinker AFB.

“What's up, Brut? Just wanted to give you guys a shout out. This is Adam Ely with Hard Luck Automotive Services in Oklahoma City. Since Brut aired that first video we have exploded, exploded. Since then, Mike Rowe and the show "Returning the Favor" has gifted us with a shop. We've got a shop in Oklahoma City. We are. We went from helping four or five people a month to — we're up to, I think one day, a couple of weeks back, we helped 12 people in one day. We are busier than we've ever been, happier than we've ever been. Thank you for all the opportunities and the and the just the light that you shed on it on Hard Luck. And what we're doing here and the mechanical mission, the ministry that we're trying to do,” Travis Tindell tells Brut.

They've sold 500-600 T-shirts. $20,000 worth of T-shirt sales. They've been invited to do podcasts, interviews. They’ve had an interview in England. They did a radio show in England. Another opportunity that came out of that Mike Rowe interview, USMC Racing. What started out as simply providing diagnosis, Adam said turned into something much more. He said the services are open to anyone.


11/11/2019 7:51 PM


  • Mark C.
    08/31/2021 05:17

    Great work

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    08/31/2021 01:36

    wonderful story! this man absolutely deserves all people have given him so he can keep up his mechanical mission!

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    08/30/2021 14:00

    You guys make me feel proud to be an American I love you guys

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    You deserve all your success ... keep up the great work.

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    Wow! Great honor to have met you! Thank you!

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    Keep getting blessed...don't stop! We need more excellent doers in this world just like you! đŸ„°

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    Wow Adam!! You sacrificed yourself for the freedom we all enjoy THANKYOU. THANKYOU. And then you and your team ‘continue’ give! I’d love to shake your hand. Does your team take donations after you finish a repair?

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