• Jessica M.
    01/21/2021 00:35

    Who is this Donald Trump? Never heard of him.

  • Dale J.
    01/20/2021 23:00

    Great then I can use them to wipe my you know what.

  • Juan C.
    01/18/2021 20:37

    how are you

  • Maria R.
    01/18/2021 15:00

    I wouldn’t waste my time his words are meaningless

  • Venkataraman S.
    01/18/2021 01:48

    Wow great leader should speak and work like a good governance good leader leaders shouldn't talk like childish

  • Jaik J.
    01/17/2021 15:39

    Look at this,

  • Osho O.
    01/17/2021 13:54

    It was started to me during conducting yoga 🙄

  • Alan T.
    01/17/2021 10:28

    Very creative and funny

  • Shirley G.
    01/17/2021 05:48

    Brilliant former student at “our” favourite art school, Vancouver Island School of Art! The best possible use of materials, interpretive punning, actions speaking as loudly as the silly words.

  • Wade W.
    01/17/2021 02:35

    Golden name.

  • Louise S.
    10/21/2020 22:28

    Watch the news. Yesterday he said 65 lies. Today he is insulting Biden. Is the man to represent our country to the world?? Wake up.

  • Lisa S.
    10/19/2020 04:39

    how brilliant is this?

  • Trish F.
    10/19/2020 03:17

    Think about the destruction of this president in the United States! It is obvious to the world 🌎 that trump doesn’t take the COVID 19 Pandemic seriously nor the lives of the American people! 214,081 DEAD 💀 thanks to Trumps INCOMPETENCE: He is cheered at the Rose Garden and NJ fundraiser super spreader events. Continues to have events at White House endangering his own supporters! All for a photo op! Disgusting!

  • James D.
    10/19/2020 02:54

    Should stich Trump to a carpet.

  • Rocky G.
    10/19/2020 02:03

    More fake news

  • Judy H.
    10/19/2020 01:46

    Oh yes,they are! I should know!

  • Virgilio C.
    10/19/2020 01:20

    Nothing is as stupid as a raciest Republican..

  • Christopher S.
    10/18/2020 19:34

    What I don’t understand is how people can believe anything he says. They cannot be that stupid and brainwashed but I guess they are.

  • Richard J.
    10/18/2020 19:24

    I Find this Hilarious, as His Transparency, has been 'In Full View' for Everyone to SEE ! Would I want to Emulate Such an Individual ??? NO !

  • Sherry P.
    10/18/2020 18:39

    Trump's the Antichrist people

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