• John E.
    06/30/2017 20:28

    Love how it says humiliating lose of popular vote when it really wasn't that much.

  • Ruben E.
    06/30/2017 21:09

    Trump owns Brut

  • Ian D.
    06/30/2017 21:13

    I can't see into the multiverse but I can say with great certainty that if he'd lost by 1 million votes, he'd only be claiming 1 million illegal voters.

  • Kenneth C.
    06/30/2017 21:35

    I been sayin this

  • Cor E.
    06/30/2017 21:38

    People can barely vote due to closed polls, long lines,and it's tuesday ffs. No millions of people aren't double registering and crossing state lines to vote. The problem is accessibility not fraud. Every state should adopt vote by mail systems.

  • Tarantula S.
    06/30/2017 21:52

    Remember when Hillary claimed voter fraud and it turned out that there was fraud.. In her favor? Not that much. Trump is talking about illegals. Hillary was talking about Russians.

  • Nicholas C.
    06/30/2017 22:54

    You don't even have to show an id proving your a citizen to vote.... yes fraud is a problem democrats just want the illegals to vote for them so they don't see it

  • Daniel M.
    06/30/2017 23:13

    So why is it only Democrats are refusing to allow access to public information to this committee?

  • Douglas K.
    06/30/2017 23:21

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the elections are rigged and your votes don't count. You think the banking elite would allow peasants to determine the future of the USA? To allow the votes of common people to determine influence of a carefully regulated and dictated, not to mention highly fragile and complex world economy. The banking elite runs the entire world, you don't have a choice in it like the media would lead you on to believe. You buy what they offer you, they own the energy and food you need, they pay geniuses to analyze your freely given meta data to determine which lies to tell you to keep you divided, compliant, and easily manipulated. They know the magic numbers just like big tobacco with nicotine. They run your life and you can't even see it. You are ok with all of this, you don't believe that you have no control, that you are being lied to, that you are content with the human condition. You don't care about anyone but yourself and your immediate circle of family and friends. Get over it, you have no say. Vote with your money, shop local, support local, work local, provide local. Keep the money in your neighborhood, stop giving your money to the insanely wealthy walmart family, don't give in to the scarcity effect.

  • Dan O.
    06/30/2017 23:25

    If anyone doesn't think there is voter fraud they are total DUMB ASSES!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony D.
    06/30/2017 23:44


  • Dave C.
    06/30/2017 23:50

    I'd say gerrymandering is the real problem

  • 陈俊耀
    07/01/2017 00:21

    The popular vote doesn't matter why is he wasting money on this.

  • AK K.
    07/01/2017 00:25

    He is trying to make us forget that the only people who was shown to commit voter fraud were.... His son in lawn, others that were tied to his campaign and some people who declared they did it to help him get elected

  • Stephanie E.
    07/01/2017 00:28

    He better not go digging too hard before he messes around & proves all his votes were fraudulent, thats the only reasonable explanation.

  • Anna C.
    07/01/2017 00:32

    Looney toons and crazy old evil and heartless clown!

  • Frank M.
    07/01/2017 00:34

    It is not a problem if you are a democrat http://www.cnn.com/videos/tv/2016/11/05/was-2008-black-panther-incident-voter-intimidation.cnn

  • Carol S.
    07/01/2017 00:54

    we all know there was fraud, and that it does not matter if he lost the popular vote. I hope he continues and makes all states participate. I am tired of the corruption in this country. I say go get them Mr. President .

  • Dave N.
    07/01/2017 01:19

    No voter fraud and this is not what the commission is doing. They are trying to access all voter information so the republicans can continue to attempt redraw electoral districts to try and make sure that their party cannot lose an election. It's about suppression people.

  • Beth G.
    07/01/2017 01:44

    More wasted time and money.....geez