• Ninob N.
    03/12/2021 08:49

    I bet I am sure Joe Biden got a new plan

  • Amber R.
    03/10/2021 07:13

    People are going to get sick and die from this. Lack of water to drink and infections from not showering, etc. Not to mention living with your own urine and pooh in the air in your home. They basically are putting not only these people back to living like they did with out houses. Yet, it's not outside. I wish I could help. But, it's not better here. We went a month without water in my building. We had to wait for a part to be transported in from another country. With this Covid junk, it took forever to come in. It's sad that those with a lot of money are so comfortable that they don't have to worry about this. I would love to be that ignorant. (Not) but, I mean it's no different than what the homeless have been enduring just because, society rejected them. Been there.

  • Lali V.
    03/08/2021 11:36

    Try living in South Africa for a week đŸ€Ł you either don't have water one day and no power due to loadshedding everyday or most likely go without both for hours to days.

  • Vatsala P.
    03/07/2021 14:01

    bro wut are you ok

  • Ed K.
    03/06/2021 19:13

    What is everybody complaining about. Look around at other cities. Chicago, Baltimore and cities with black mayors and look at the trouble they are in. They keep electing blacks to run their cities and they are disaster areas. Be happy you're not one of them. They are such fools.

  • Amanda-Lynn S.
    03/06/2021 17:23

    Reminds me when I lived in alaska.

  • Josh S.
    03/06/2021 17:09


  • Philip O.
    03/06/2021 14:51

    God bless you all 🙏 my heart goes out to you all I'm sure it can only get better 🙏

  • Anna P.
    03/06/2021 12:43


  • Asad J.
    03/06/2021 06:15

    The whole water Pipe system in the country hasn't been updated in a100 years

  • May H.
    03/06/2021 04:30

    USA 👎

  • Dylan R.
    03/06/2021 03:14

    Welcome to the new third word country formally known as America the rest of the states won’t be far behind

  • Jean M.
    03/05/2021 21:25

    Next time you vote, watch what you vote for.

  • Scott D.
    03/05/2021 14:42

    But yet they flood the border with more people and won't fix what needs fixing.

  • Elmer T.
    03/05/2021 13:53

    The mighty USA is not so mighty after all

  • Isaiah B.
    03/05/2021 13:27

    Water being shipped???? I remember seeing this in a war documentary in the Middle East...this is AMERICA. We can do better

  • Kay S.
    03/05/2021 12:32

    Hope they are happy with "small government" 😂

  • Kush A.
    03/05/2021 12:30

    They said nothing is wrong with the climate. Look at them now...

  • Akmal A.
    03/05/2021 12:22


  • Vishali S.
    03/05/2021 11:43

    Really sad

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