• David V.
    02/12/2020 02:24

    Who and HOW was this discovery made ?????????????????🙄

  • Jay M.
    02/06/2020 08:56

    Good stop those aholes killing them for Science hmmm

  • Don G.
    01/09/2020 00:41

    Can I respectfully suggest you tell the Japanese this. ? How many tons of Co2 could have been and still can be taken out of the atmosphere if they stopped killing whales ??????

  • Seuji S.
    12/23/2019 13:34


  • Roberto T.
    12/20/2019 08:29

    Fantastic! what a great knowledge that you shared, people really need to learned from this before its too late!

  • Marc D.
    12/17/2019 07:40

    U cant put a price on life, 2 million jokes that more like priceless.

  • Liam T.
    12/17/2019 02:30

    So not only are Whalers criminals for killing such an amazing creature for food, but also are taking away an asset to the environment.

  • Louisa C.
    12/16/2019 00:55


  • Dorothee H.
    12/13/2019 01:10

    Methane from livestock and humans is even worse than co2

  • Alexandros S.
    12/12/2019 14:10

    And jap kill them .... 😳😰😰😰😳😳😳😳😳and eat them .... 😳😳

  • Tioti L.
    12/11/2019 06:32

    Hmms interesting... how can Governments account for whales in their finance books...

  • Rajah M.
    12/09/2019 01:09

    Stop WHALE HUNTING!!!!They have a right to live...unfortunately they don't have a voice!Stop consuming whale meat.

  • Lucy S.
    12/05/2019 23:16

    Whoa, this is amazing. Scientists/researchers are the best. Without them we wouldn't know such things as these. 👍👍👍 We should be in service of whales and not the other way around as stated in the video, imho. 🤷 I mean if we keep polluting the ocean (the Earth) we'll be killing ourselves and the planet slowly like how we're installing 5G and all that. Ah humanity.

  • Jilliana G.
    12/04/2019 12:03


  • Marcus K.
    12/01/2019 14:48

    change your game.

  • Abdullah P.
    12/01/2019 13:14

    Tell Japanese Stop Whale hunting.

  • Monica C.
    12/01/2019 04:44

    Can you please show this to the many countries that are used to hunt them?

  • Teawhimate M.
    11/30/2019 20:57

    Just covering up for what their true purpose for price on whales ffs

  • Valerie L.
    11/24/2019 07:00

    This whale’s life is valued at 2 million dollars. If you are not disturbed by this propaganda please take another look. Soon every living entity and eco system will literally have a price tag. Those with less value will have less value. Welcome to the financialization of nature. Why do a minority of humans in positions of power continue to turn the whole magical beautiful mysterious experience of life into a fucking financial system? Pardon my cursing, but I am all fired up. Corporations are paying very intelligent and manipulative PR companies millions to come up with this propaganda. Be one step ahead of their game and question this shit. This is a horrible idea. It frankly reeks of Eugenics, anthropocentrism, and eco-fascism. With expansive high level thinking one can clearly see how the intelligent design of life is far more well, intelligent than any human mind can fully comprehend. Within nature’s intricate processes and complex layered systems there is no hierarchy. All species are integral and serve their individual functions within the entirety of the connected living planet. Humans are making a grave error by allowing this small minded, low level thinking, economic “environmental” plan to play out. Although it can definitely feel pointless to criticize the plans of multinational corporations, fake NGOS, bankers, and corrupt politicians with all their monetized and militarized power, working together with this immense force towards their delusional ideas of never ending progress, growth, and control. I just can’t stop myself from wanting to expose their lies and half truths. Even if they get away with it, which they most likely will, I just want them to know that they did not fool everyone. The Banking of Nature Trailer https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7DoMQ229Vf8 Actual documentary https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=y1EdZeRHgbM

  • Zara J.
    11/23/2019 05:16

    Even more reason not to hunt and kill whales........