What is a Lucid Dream?

Have you had a dream that you could control like a video game? Lucid dreaming, when you become aware that you are inside a dream and can control your reality, is a skill you can develop. 💤🌀

Productive Dreams

Lucid dreaming is when you suddenly become aware of the fact that you're dreaming —allowing you to control aspects of your dream reality. Jared Chiang-Zeizel is a published author, award-winning writer, filmmaker, and avid lucid dreamer. He opted out of a typical high school life and spent the better part of his senior year in China. Upon his return to the States, Jared attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. While attending NYU, he won the David Chase Honorary Scholarship Award for Screenwriting. He graduated 2009 with a BFA in Film & Television Production. In that time, Jared interned at Sony Pictures and Rabbit Content.

Known as the brain's own virtual reality, Lucid dreaming is still an understudied subject but descriptions of it have been found in ancient Egypt and Hindu culture. A person will go to sleep for about five or six hours and then you wake up for about 20 minutes, and the idea is people waking up right before the REM stage of sleep, which is where dreams occur, and you stay awake for about those 20 to 30 minutes, trying to almost wake up the mind but keep the body at rest. When people go back to sleep, a person goes right into the REM stage, right into the dream world, where they still have some of that waking consciousness, “So that you can be like "Wait a second, this isn't my bedroom, it's you know a mountain in the middle of the country." Chiang-Zeizel articulates.

Lucidity techniques also include keeping a dream journal and performing “reality checks”. Could lucid dreams be harmful to your mental health? Studies show that intense lucid dreamers had, on average, lower levels of psychological distress. Like most skills, lucid dreaming takes practice, but according to Jared Chiang-Zeizel, it can be be used for guidance and self-growth.


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  • Jennifer B.
    06/23/2019 20:03

    Now here is an example of the point you often emphasize. Fb directed this to my timeline shortly after I posted a dream and discussed it in detail with friends. No one who is aware of it likes this act of siloing, it's a recursive dead end echo chamber. Good thing I access other sources and notice other ways of life, no thanks to Facebook though.

  • Hani D.
    06/24/2019 00:02

    Oh I used to do that a lot when I was younger and still do but not as often as before It's almost like a game of grand theft auto 😎😎🤣🤣

  • Kurt C.
    06/24/2019 07:28

    gg easy

  • Abegail C.
    06/24/2019 08:21

    I am a lucid dreamer since I was a kid! And it's very cool and awesome because I can explore the world that I've built within my mind that's still developing until now. However, I don't always control the dreams that are new and seems out of my casual dreams because the scenario might lead to extremely weird and bizarre XD And I ended up waking to reality. Like, I was standing atop of a tall building. I was looking down, I saw the cars as if those are ants beneath me. I can feel the slice of wind through my skin, and it's so refreshing. Then, suddenly... I jumped down and I dove down with my arms on my both sides, (kinda like a peregrine falcon or a Night Fury/Toothless way). I felt scared and eager at the same time to know what will happen next, (and remember I'm not controlling it), and suddenly, when I was close onto hitting the ground. I opened my hands as if they are wings and flew away like I was a fckin' bird of some sort! I made me jerk awake in shock and embarrassment. Then there's this another dream of mine, wherein I was in a dark place. It's like an old country hut in a fortress of some sort. I am all alone and it's already deep night inside that house. I still didn't control this one because I wanna know what will happen next. Then that, I explored the house and then suddenly, out of nowhere, somebody stabbed me from behind with a chocolate knife! And I jerked awake in shock (again) and embarrassment.

  • Brut
    06/24/2019 13:19

    Dark red walls dripping black ooze. A man bursting from a hotel closet that grabs you with a tentacle. These aren't scenes from a horror movie — they're vivid hallucinations people had during sleep paralysis. 😴�20

  • علاء ع.
    06/24/2019 13:43

    reality checks are important to know if you're in ReALITY LIkE NoW

  • Siam A.
    06/24/2019 14:40

    I’ve done that soo many times Quite regularly

  • Saif A.
    06/24/2019 15:18

    Spoiler alert it actually causes your mind to reduce your physical and actual efforts to achieve your goals in real life because you achieve these goals In your dreams.....for example you want to buy a car.A lucid dreamer will get a car in their dream hence your wish is fulfilled.but when it comes to reality you'd fail because your mind has already achieved it.

  • Joe M.
    06/25/2019 04:48

    I just starting taping into this ability, and I’m actually becoming quite good at it..

  • Karan S.
    06/25/2019 05:01

    i have known better idea to get into lucid dreaming than this guy.

  • Cleverin S.
    06/25/2019 07:51

    the first time I remember I could control and aware of dream is when I was little, and I go to the toilet, then I was like "no way, this is dream, I need to wake up soon or I'm gonna wet the bed aaaaaaa" and after since, I'm always aware of it

  • Aerkenn S.
    06/26/2019 01:04

    What about astral projection?

  • Julian V.
    06/26/2019 03:38

    astral projection is good also..

  • Usama Z.
    06/26/2019 05:24

    good old lucid time's

  • Vavy R.
    06/26/2019 07:35

    Ive been experiencing this so many times. Sometimes i wanna go back to sleep and don't want to wake up.

  • Isoa D.
    06/27/2019 09:38


  • Melly S.
    06/27/2019 10:00

    Let's do it

  • Hind K.
    06/27/2019 23:10

    haw jawwek

  • MJ B.
    06/28/2019 00:57

    Im good at this specially tha flying part..

  • Calvin G.
    06/28/2019 03:44

    pag nagawa mo to talagang maadik ka