What Is The Omicron Variant?

"It’s not a panic, but it’s a concern." Three experts break down what we know about the new Omicron variant so far.

11/30/2021 7:43 AMupdated: 11/30/2021 7:46 AM
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  • Joachim B.
    12/30/2021 10:17

    SolyPlus: Chitosan is blocking the virus SolyPlus | A review of the antiviral activity of Chitosan, including patented applications and its potential use against COVID-19 - PubMed

  • Mohammed Saleem Saleem
    12/27/2021 02:54

    Who is ruling this globe with dynamic ideas.

  • Esther H.
    12/06/2021 03:35

    Y'all are funny,u predicted this virus few months back,this is a man made,we are not fools,stop killing people with all you are doing,one day you will have answers infront of God's throne why you kill the world

  • Mihaela-iuliana B.
    12/05/2021 15:53

    U started to take the grrek alphabet??

  • S M.
    12/04/2021 07:15

    My facebook page could help the world by financially in various ways

  • Ashhad A.
    12/04/2021 06:05

    Isn't it a man made virus. Because natural viruses cant mutate this fast

  • Mashal K.
    12/03/2021 08:26

    Why is the world not moving towards herd immunity

  • Raza A.
    12/01/2021 12:54

    danny altman looks like he made the new variant xD

  • Antony K.
    12/01/2021 08:57

    This one cheta

  • Ashok T.
    12/01/2021 04:46

    💥🔥Some BOLD Scientists have finally shown great COURAGE in naming the new FAST-SPREADING strain of CoronaVirus as Omicron (O-Micro-n) to give credit to MicroSoft for its creation, thus BLAMING MicroSoft founder Bill Gates as the MAIN CULPRIT who had planned for many years to START the COVID Pandemic, and to spread it all over the world, just for earning BILLIONS of Dollars from the sale of his VACCINES‼️

  • Rafid A.
    12/01/2021 03:59

    Dipu Moni

  • Joram V.
    12/01/2021 01:16

    Omicron = Moronic?

  • Joram V.
    12/01/2021 01:13

    Does Omicron Mean Moronic?

  • Torus P.
    11/30/2021 21:44

  • Mohammad R.
    11/30/2021 21:36

    i think Covid 19 was not enough to reduce world population. lets try this one now

  • Gerda Z.
    11/30/2021 21:10

    Remember there's a shitting virus which is real in almost every reception year in almost every school,very unpleasant and comes back every other term or so yet the world doesn't take a shit(pun intended)

  • Suzanne A.
    11/30/2021 21:08

    Why keep blam8ng Boris think of where this virus originated and the cover up and the disregard for truth and honesty about it's origins.Blame them

  • Carlos E.
    11/30/2021 16:19

    I guess the 'Delta' variant disappeared

  • Muhammed C.
    11/30/2021 15:53

    Who ever are warning about this varient are not wearing. :(

  • Khushi P.
    11/30/2021 15:39

    How this varian only mutated in South Africa for the first time as an not indifferent countries before?

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