When A Minister Blamed Women For Not Having Kids

“Lots of modern women in India want to stay single.” How did the Karnataka’s health minister’s speech on mental health veer off into this?

10/11/2021 1:49 PM
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  • Rekha N.
    10/17/2021 02:48

    Mantriji bahut galat bak diya aapne

  • Debjani M.
    10/16/2021 23:33

    you bad womens. Go have kids.

  • Natasha N.
    10/16/2021 14:16

    I love how men in the indian subcontinent think alike, So gender inequality and domestic violence do not affect mental health at all.? 🤔

  • Georgie L.
    10/15/2021 10:27

    Send this video to Ekta Kapoor MCBC

  • Chibuikem E.
    10/15/2021 07:02

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  • Aejaz S.
    10/15/2021 06:29

    I think he is talking about his family problems.. lol..

  • Neha L.
    10/15/2021 03:03

    Karnataka's health minister first do something good in health department in pandemic u did not do any good things for the healthcare workers so many nurses were conceived and still fighting against the covid war and now u r standing here n talking nonsense.

  • ಕವಿತ ರ.
    10/14/2021 18:06

    Wow what a caption😐

  • Noopur K.
    10/14/2021 17:02

    Ooooo he is sick.

  • Rose S.
    10/14/2021 12:55

    Minster without brain. How is india going to improve when all the ladies sit at home? So sorry to say it but your so far the worst to say this. Some work due to economic reason and he keep doing this

  • Isha S.
    10/14/2021 11:42

    They don't want to give birth, that should be absolutely fine. May be people should be thankful to those women as they are not burdening mother earth with an already overloaded population.

  • Afrose F.
    10/14/2021 09:58

    Afraid that India moving into western culture then why the hell you wearing western outfits?

  • Tribarna B.
    10/14/2021 09:31

    This is why you shouldn't cheat in medical exams.

  • Uzma P.
    10/14/2021 07:56

    This man is a living example of one of the reasons why they want to be single n don't want babies.

  • Saira K.
    10/14/2021 07:10

    Haan to is ghalat kia kaha hai is ny

  • Sumon A.
    10/13/2021 23:48

    Don't worry if 10 Indian women do not want to give birth, then 90 Indian women will be ready to give birth of 1000 children in their lifetime. Over population will destroy India no matter how rich they become globally

  • Shyama C.
    10/13/2021 22:55

    Embrace the cultural change it’s here to stay

  • Shyama C.
    10/13/2021 22:54

    Lots of single women in India staying single and how does this turn into a mental health issue does not jell !

  • Adebayo T.
    10/13/2021 21:04

    I really can't believe that they used someone like him for minister for health I can't believe that I don't think they check his brain before putting him in that position because I can't believe they use someone like him who think women are just trash that you can use any how I think I know why Mr minister he's saying all this rubbish is because he has got to know that women are not objects anymore that's why he's saying this so he can confuse some stupid and brainless men like him out there I think now that he knows that he can't just use women anyhow anymore is trying to make a stupid statement about women and now so in his brainless mind now he thought let me just say this out there so men like me will know how to control and trash their women

  • Adebayo T.
    10/13/2021 20:52

    I really think this guy need to be hospitalized because I don't think he have sense at all I think he wants women to be a slave or I don't understand He doesn't want women to be independent and I think he wants women to be a baby maker machine that's what he wants and maybe they should check his home I'm very sure he's using his wife sister, daughter has a slave, a woman who married this kind of a man has make the biggest mistake of her life and I hope that kind of a woman survived this kind of a crazy man I pray so and I don't understand how this concern medical stuff I don't understand so if a woman decided not to give birth how does that concern him I don't think that is his business in the first place if a woman decided not to give birth that is her decision, you are not the one that will carry the baby for her so why are you saying rubbish about women this is why a lot of women are suffering in India and in the world because a man like him we treat a woman like a trash I think they need to put him in a mental asylum

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