Why are women removing their IUDs at home?

Women are posting videos online of themselves removing their IUDs at home. While most doctors advise against it, here's why it's becoming a trend ...

09/14/2021 4:58 PMupdated: 09/16/2021 8:23 PM


  • Heidi M.
    3 hours

    Disgusting to not have care yet pay for health insurance premiums. Americans are in a 3rd world country who are brainwashed into believing this is a good place. Kind of a mass twisted Stockholm syndrome.

  • Kelli K.
    6 hours

    I had the Mirena IUD after my second son was born and I bled heavily every single day I had it. I also became very moody and mean. My current OBGYN think it also contributed to my endometriosis worsening. I asked to have it removed after 2 months of misery and they (the military doctors I was forced to see) told me to wait until the 3 month mark and I should feel so much better. I didn't and they still wouldn't remove it. After 6 months and having become anemic, living in pain constantly, and just about ruining my marriage because of my uncontrollable mood swings, they finally agreed to do it. By then the wait for an appointment was an additional 6 weeks. When I finally arrived I was scolded for waiting so long to come and see them and I was just in shock and couldn't even respond. They then asked me if I was sure if I wanted it removed because it was incredibly expensive and said that they would not allow me to have another one inserted ever again if I chose to remove it so early this time. I said yes! Take it out!!! They finally took it out and within a week my symptoms improved. I sometimes wish I had ripped that thing out myself. I definitely wish I had stood up for myself more back then. I truly believe that because of that IUD, my already terrible chronic condition was worsened to the point where just a few years later I had to undergo a radical hysterectomy at age 30. I am now completely infertile and am in menopause and everything that goes along with that sucks for someone only 35 now (especially getting more brittle bones...I've broken more of them in the past 5 years than in my entire life). While I don't agree with the IUD being the best birth control in the world it is definitely an option for some people. I had a bad experience but I have had lots of friends have perfectly fine experiences with it. The problem that I have is with our healthcare system because no one should have to go through the kinds of stuff that I went through and so many other women have gone through. I am now incredibly outspoken when I am advocating for my own health. I have zero qualms about firing my doctor and getting a new one as I just had to do with my PCM not too long ago because he refused to listen to my concerns regarding an unknown health condition that has popped up since having covid last year. It would be so much nicer if insurance companies made it easier on us but that's not going to happen. Our healthcare system is so severely broken that people are going out of the country for treatment of certain things. It's ridiculous. I will step off my soapbox but I want to remind women that the doctor in this video is correct about the possible complications of removing an IUD by yourself so I highly recommend not doing it home. The women in this video just got incredibly lucky that nothing went wrong. If you're having issues with your doctor then go get a new one. It's not worth risking your fertility or potentially your life over.

  • Anna M.
    6 hours

    Omg the thought of pulling it out on my own absolutely freaks me out. I passed out getting it put in, so I'm afraid to even get it taken out professionally. Glad it's good for so long lol

  • Erika V.
    6 hours

    No this is covered under the cares act at 100%

  • Jes M.
    8 hours

    I took mine out myself about 8/9 years ago

  • Krystal S.
    8 hours

    When I went to get it taken out the doctor she couldn't find it

  • Krystal S.
    8 hours

    I had to have mine surgically removed because it was embedded not a fun experience

  • Natalia S.
    8 hours

    And that is the people that should have it on, in and as a spray! Now a risk of procreation...

  • Nataliya A.
    10 hours

    As someone who lives in Europe and has access to both insertion and removal, I find these comments so outrageously disturbing.. it's one of the times when I wonder how does America even exists đŸ˜¶

  • Stacy K.
    11 hours

    I was calling about mine, had it for 5 years. I was ready to get it out. It was starting to hurt. I had to call 3 places to get anyone to take it out. Now she's my OB. But planned Parenthood was telling me to keep it for 2 more years. hurt! The other had to use an ultrasound to take it out. It was starting to embed!

  • Anna D.
    17 hours

    Health department will do it based on income, what it wrong with people

  • Danielle M.
    17 hours

    So instead of making removal of the IUD possible without question and free. Like how is payment for removal separate? We tell women not remove it like it's some new DIY trend of challenge.

  • Ginny S.
    18 hours

    I was about to say please don’t do this but then I realized that I have done some ish like this and I’m a nurse! I’m sure there’s instructions on exactly how to do it.

  • Roslyn H.
    18 hours

    Women have to do this because men make decisions on women’s health

  • Mirella K.
    18 hours


  • Alyssa V.
    18 hours

    Planned parenthood will help you. My IUD hurt going in I am not gonna pull that sh^t out.

  • Jamie M.
    18 hours


  • Sabrina L.
    18 hours

    Mine was embedded. But it tore off and I had no choice than to get it out myself. Hurt so badly and was bleeding for a couple days afterwards. Not a fun experience .

  • Anu L.
    18 hours

    Thank god....we can have it both placed inside our uterus and removed without cost in our nearby health centre

  • Nurhidayah I.
    20 hours