Why is California so vulnerable to wildfires?

Wildfires in California have burned three times more land than last year’s record-breaking season. Here’s why California is so vulnerable to wildfires ...

07/15/2021 12:51 PMupdated: 07/15/2021 12:53 PM


  • Astrid S.
    07/16/2021 10:10

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    07/16/2021 04:27

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  • Mel O.
    07/15/2021 15:01

    Fires in California have become a source of income for the state. How? The state refuses to clean out the dry brush and allow it to burn. This will result in huge property damage and the property owners will use their insurance to rebuild. That is one source of revenue for the state. The federal government will also send billions of dollars in form of aid. That's the second form of income. The rebuilding process also creates jobs. That's the third form of income. So, the state hopes for these fires.

  • Gaby G.
    07/15/2021 13:48