Why shouldn’t we kill spiders?

Don't be afraid — these spiders can help capture potentially dangerous insects already in our homes. 🕷️ (Via Brut nature)

03/02/2020 4:07 PMupdated: 03/27/2020 9:25 AM


  • Gary B.
    12/26/2020 17:21

    😂 🕷

  • Krystal K.
    12/14/2020 02:27

    I never kill them

  • Elizabeth P.
    12/13/2020 10:03

    Horrendous ! AHHHHHH

  • William E.
    12/12/2020 19:35

    Do NOT let this spider anywhere in your home..

  • Koyel C.
    12/12/2020 14:39

    Trust me, I’m good to have a 10 mosquitoes in my house than one spider 🙂

  • Abhishek S.
    12/12/2020 10:06

    Spider is not harmful to human.. Tarantula says Hi..

  • Anmol R.
    12/11/2020 18:16

    Sorry I’ve trust issues

  • Ajmal S.
    12/11/2020 13:01

    It's called Spider 🕸️ for a reason

  • Goutham B.
    12/11/2020 10:09

    Wat if it bite us and we started behaving like Spiderman

  • Junice L.
    12/11/2020 09:28

    I don't agree with the fact that spiders are harmless to humans and human skin. Infact, I myself have got several experiences of spider sting at home where i got some skin allergies and rashes which persited for several days. Some spiders can even be deadly too. I dont know how much of this information is true!

  • Vishnudas P.
    12/11/2020 08:39

    Thank u for sharing making me aware.. I had killed spiders.. now I regret

  • Diganta S.
    12/11/2020 05:09

    Please share your office delivery address in India.

  • Axay M.
    12/11/2020 03:51

    I am planning to buy new house. Is it ok if i buy extra 1 room specially for the Spiders?

  • Omar R.
    12/10/2020 20:57

    ummmmm yea ill pass on that . Just because of this video ima hunt them down hahahaha XD

  • Simon R.
    12/10/2020 19:35

    Nope they ain't living with us

  • Ankush M.
    12/10/2020 19:08

    So technically SPIDERMAN is home sick? 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Shina R.
    12/10/2020 18:50

    Nope nope.

  • Andrea M.
    12/10/2020 17:13

    Please don’t spread misinformation, there are some species of poisonous spiders that can be harmful to an untrained eye.

  • Teningwang M.
    12/10/2020 14:21

    What could be more dangerous than spider in house 🙄🙄

  • Ali S.
    12/10/2020 14:17

    But Spider has bitten to man and he became Spiderman

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