Why this climate scientist could relate to "Don't Look Up"

"We're on track to basically civilizational collapse." In the film "Don't Look Up," scientists are repeatedly ignored as they warn the world of an imminent threat to the planet. That's what happens in real life too, according to this climate scientist ...

01/09/2022 6:58 PM


  • Bill T.
    03/28/2022 16:21

    They've got it backwards! This is a comedic satire about climate skeptics being totally ignored by the alarmists.

  • Rohan S.
    01/22/2022 18:14

    Only thing can relief me now is the sadistic pleasure I ll get when the population sedated with mainstream bullshit will have to face reality

  • Rafael A.
    01/18/2022 00:38

    What if the Russian Rocket Force is what Debiasky's comet is to the US establishment. The "thing in itself" is beyond their awareness?

  • Bill T.
    01/17/2022 05:12


  • Bill T.
    01/17/2022 05:11

    The attention being paid to this movie is over the top, and over the ___.

  • Jonathan T.
    01/16/2022 17:47

    If the climate crisis is irreversible then why worry about it? All your worrying about it won't stop it. So just live life until you die. 😂

  • Sangeeta S.
    01/16/2022 12:00

    Movie portraying actual situation of belittling the climate crisis,as is present now.How can present Prime Ministers and President's of different countries keep on avoiding taking any steps to combat the present situation of real civilizational collapse, waiting to happen.

  • Eva M.
    01/15/2022 16:52

    hoy tienes que verla 😂 😂 😂

  • Try Jesus!
    01/14/2022 20:58

    the link is hot 🔥

  • Bill T.
    01/14/2022 16:19

    This isn't a climate catastrophe movie, it's a giant-space-rock-hits Earth movie. There is no climate crisis, man-made or otherwise. 😂😂😂

  • Suvrat A.
    01/13/2022 13:49

    In recent days i have watched this movie and was desperately waiting to someone to talk about ..... seriously we need to think about it and need to change ourself for better future.

  • GalaxyAnn O.
    01/13/2022 13:05

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  • Raihana S.
    01/11/2022 14:12

    Look at the comment section here

  • Candido T.
    01/11/2022 06:55

    Honestly crappy movie didn't watched till the end.

  • Dimitris M.
    01/10/2022 19:29

    Nicki Faraos 👍

  • Stephanie B.
    01/10/2022 14:06

    Climate CONTROL! Chemtrails, bunker fuel (ships)

  • Lanchenba H.
    01/10/2022 08:53

    Every person in the whole 🌎 should watch this movie.

  • Anol N.
    01/10/2022 05:50

    So, becau

  • Ramina A.
    01/10/2022 00:23

    Didn’t like the movie

  • Shahzad C.
    01/09/2022 23:32

    it’s more like a documentary.

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