Why This Mom Doesn’t Post Photos of Her Daughter

Babies can't consent to what their parents post on the 'Gram — that's why this mom wants to talk about children's privacy and their digital footprint. 👶🤳

Less Sharing is Caring

While most children have a digital footprint before their 2nd birthday — this mom didn't want that for her daughter. Writer Sara Gaynes Levy and her husband don't post photos of their daughter on social media. In their first few years, babies are routinely exposed online — naturally, without their knowledge.

“My husband had asked me while I was pregnant with our daughter if I would be OK with not posting her online and at first, I was really kind of taken aback by the question. I post a lot on social media. He gave me a lot of reasons that he felt it was an invasion of her privacy. He felt like she didn't have the ability to consent to her image being out there, especially when I'm living my life kind of in a public way. It felt really isolating at first because when your baby is a newborn, you’re in your home so much, especially as a mom, you're trapped under a baby that you're feeding and really all you have is your phone as a lifeline to the world.”

“My personal platform is not that parents need to stop posting their kids altogether, but I think it is a valuable exercise to think about what it would be like if you Google yourself now and found out that all your bath time photos were online. Not even bath time photos — everything you ever did was hashtagged and archived. She'll never have to go through that moment of being like, “You need to scrub the internet of me, Mom. I can't believe how embarrassing this is.” Obviously, I'm sure I'll do plenty of other embarrassing things, but it's a big relief to know that that's never a conversation we're gonna have to have.”

Gaynes Levy says friends and family now directly ask her about her daughter’s milestones. She says it also forced her to highlight other aspects of her life. Gaynes Levy occasionally includes her daughter in her posts. She says parents should have a conversation about the digital footprint they’re creating.


07/13/2019 10:19 AM
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  • Syed A.
    5 days

    So it's a big deal if parents post pictures of themselves with their children. Pretty sure it won't hurt their kids' privacies too much.

  • Anum A.
    5 days

    Well the baby didn't have the consent to be born as well. Might as well ask the sperm and egg too whether they want to join together n bring a life into this world. I mean come on shouldn't we then be asking a baby if it wants to come to this fucked up world study get a 9 to 5 job just to live until your day comes.

  • Emőke G.
    5 days

    Yeah, cause it's not funny at all, holding a baby with a hilarious smileyface, it won't be akward at all for them to see those pics when they grow up. 😂😂😂 How would you like to have pictures online, with some smiley face instead your own head? :))

  • Brut
    5 days

    Read more about Sara's decision not to post photos of her daughter on social media:

  • Anna G.
    5 days

    Go get a life !!!

  • Korey C.
    5 days

    These fuxking people are wackos. Good lord. Jump off a bridge

  • Vince M.
    5 days

    She look crazy

  • Omar I.
    5 days

    Were they brought into this world with their 'consent'?

  • Adelaide S.
    5 days

    Love this! What did our parents do when we were born? They took pictures, put them in a book and showed someone if they asked. There is no need to share your baby to the world.

  • Melanie K.
    5 days


  • Claude A.
    5 days

    i always ask my baby before publishing. always agree

  • Tiffany H.
    5 days

    Shes probably with the Australian lady who thinks you need concent to change a babies diaper....🤦‍♀️ these people now days.

  • Amel d.
    5 days

    Okay you guys are taking consent too far. Now it’s getting ridiculous. The only thing you shouldn’t be spreading about your kid is their business. Taking pictures with and of your kids and posting them is not bad. Since when did everyone get so sensitive with consent? Unless it involves sexual activity then just calm down. No need to get pissy over it.

  • Mahfuz A.
    5 days

    Attention seekers these days

  • Alexandros B.
    5 days

    Some serious crazy eyes

  • Fahad R.
    5 days

    Asking my cat consent if he wants to be bathed right now.

  • Gabriela C.
    5 days

    I think that you expose your children since birth to all the toxicity in social media. A lot of people can be mean, so I think I would just create an album just for family and the closest friends, and that's it. There's no need a stranger or someone you barely know has access to your kids pics.

  • Magdalena S.
    5 days

    I post 90% of my photos on stories, so within 24h they don't exist (unless someone make a screenshot), my stories are available only to my close friends, so that is about 40 people.

  • Beau B.
    5 days

    wow these are some super negative reactions for literally no reason. SHE feels like it's a violation of HER child's privacy & made a choice for her own family & honestly? i don't really disagree, especially after hearing that many children of "mommy bloggers" feel really violated by having their lives used online in such a manner. i mean idk i'm 28, shit like this wasn't a thing when i was a kid i can't imagine having your embarrassing baby pics online for all of the world to see is exactly fun as a teenager though. plus, i really liked how she said it forced her to focus on other aspects of her life which i think is a big issue with new moms. it becomes an all consuming identity & is overwhelming as fuck. but if you document non motherhood aspects of your life, you can see more easily thst you have a multifaceted life. i mean, she makes a great point is all. imagine googling yourself & all your life's story is laid out for you on a website & you never agreed to any of it

  • Kryz C.
    5 days

    our agreement