Wildlife trade likely to be the source of coronavirus outbreak

It has already caused over 100 deaths, infected thousands of people, and put a spotlight on illegal wildlife trade. As controversy swells, China’s government is forced to take action.

01/28/2020 6:38 PMupdated: 02/24/2020 2:28 PM
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  • Alan H.
    10 hours

    China is a backward country and the west should insist all wildlife trade be banned from now on .

  • Amanda H.
    20 hours

    Think it needs to happen sooner than the predicted 50 year target. China might have collapsed under another virus by then.

  • Miguel I.
    a day

    Maybe they should have done that since 2002

  • Riddhi N.
    a day

    After doing terrible terrible disasters they are trying to play victim and showing concern !Shameful !China stop eating everything that moves !

  • Ary S.
    a day

    I wish rhinoceros horns, elephant tusks and all other animal parts they trade in for being aphrodisiacs (as if the world needed more people) or magical cures without evidence were sources of infectious deseases as well. Maybe then some wildlife species will recover.

  • Sandhya S.
    2 days

    Were they sleeping till now. Could they not think before and take preventive measures. Created so much of panic in the world

  • Ju W.
    2 days

    Coronvirus ?? Wtf it got to do with animals,,, any excuse with them to batter cats n dogs 2 death eh 😡😡

  • Shobha S.
    2 days

    Be vegeterian....... One nd Only hope...... otherwise be ready... God is also inside them which u kill them Just for ur Tongue

  • Bitt G.
    2 days

    For how long?

  • Shabey Y.
    2 days

    👏👏 finally ! Enough is enough, these ignorante people already kill a lot of wildlife animals. Hope one day the costume of eating dogs ends too👏

  • Sharyn L.
    2 days

    About time.

  • Kelvin M.
    2 days

    Ahh, have they banned "eating bats" yet...😕

  • Kevin O.
    2 days

    No more raw Bat Meat? Fuck Me!

  • Kevin W.
    2 days

    Suuuuure they did. 😉

  • Ben M.
    2 days

    Wrath is upon them.

  • Sarah B.
    2 days

    These people brought this upon themselves. After all the cruel acts they done upon animals in my opinion they deserve it.mayb more...

  • Malcolm L.
    2 days

    Yeah right !!

  • Erika v.
    2 days

    If you read the article.. It's a disgusting culture thing there. They hope the new generation will stop eating everything. That could last up to 50 years from now

  • Arturo G.
    2 days

    keep eating dogs motherfuckers

  • Jason P.
    3 days

    These countries need to be regulated and inspected going forward to make sure they are compliant. These 'appetites' can no longer be tolerated, or the next time we are going to be dealing with something MUCH worse than a "flu"...we are going to be dealing with a friggin plague similar to the one that wiped out most of Europe in the Middle Ages.