Woman truck driver shares what it's like on social media

"We got kids. We can be a girly girl. We can still be a woman and be a truck driver." This woman truck driver has become a social media sensation. She's using the internet to bust stereotypes about the profession.

04/28/2021 8:15 PM


  • Brittany M.
    08/24/2021 17:10

    I love her and her energy. I wish she was my friend in real life ♥️

  • Chris S.
    08/22/2021 14:43

    I feel you should do this!

  • NiColyah T.
    08/21/2021 02:09

    My cuzzin n and her husband do it. Happy 4 ladies who do but Im not with all that driving and being away to long from my family. My husband does it locally

  • Krystina D.
    08/21/2021 00:00

    I can't even be pretty in like everyday life if I had a job where I didn't have to see people for hours at a time there is nooooo way I would look that good ever 🤣🤦‍♀️

  • Venessa E.
    08/20/2021 04:30

    Ashley Marie

  • Pam B.
    08/06/2021 01:47

    CDL drivers check out Legal Shield

  • Nawasa A.
    07/22/2021 11:23

    Do whatever makes you happy. But I’ve heard a lot of truck drivers have lots of back and neck problems

  • Rakib M.
    07/20/2021 07:38

    people who love their own company are best suited for lang haul truck job

  • Catherine W.
    07/20/2021 01:39

    Be safe

  • Markus J.
    07/17/2021 08:10

    Ok baby how about you cut down your nails and less makeup. Wait what are you modeling for the truck or?

  • Phoenix K.
    07/16/2021 22:06

    Amateur truck driver very Hazardous!!!!

  • Kosia F.
    07/16/2021 19:02

    Lovely trucker.... I said it 😁😁

  • Rahila D.
    07/16/2021 12:43

    No Thanks, I'm a woman and I don't want to drive a truck.I let the boys do it, that's how I like it So, don't tell me what to do, woman in the video.My life, My preferences.Stop imposing your views on other women.You like to drive trucks, then good for you and it isn't every woman's cup of tea.So Rack off!!

  • Hervé F.
    07/16/2021 10:58

    She is Nice and i like her determination. I don't like her style but no problem, if she is happy with it.

  • Elena E.
    07/16/2021 09:42

    Such huge fake eyelashes...... And long nails 😂

  • Kamala B.
    07/16/2021 09:31

    Bravo. Be safe

  • Colleen P.
    07/16/2021 08:55

    Way to go .....

  • Pandit R.
    07/16/2021 08:34

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  • Trina S.
    06/25/2021 03:57

    Racine. Made me think of you 🥰

  • Jorge N.
    06/25/2021 02:28

    i could see you so doing this!!!