Women Denounce Sexism Through Song

Around the world, women are singing to denounce sexism and fight for their rights — but it's not actually anything new.

Anthems summarizing decades suffering

Meanwhile…in Chile, the feminist anthem The rapist is you has been gathering more and more women in support. December 4, 2019, thousands of women were once again singing and dancing in the streets of the capital Santiago. The song, which is accompanied by choreography, was created by four 31-year-old Chilean women who are part of the feminist collective Las Tesis. This feminist anthem has since been sung all over the world in Brussels, in Mexico, or in Paris.

Balance ton quoi

Angele’s “Balance ton quoi”, which is becoming a feminist anthem, was sung by numerous women on November 23, 2019 during the march against femicide in Paris. In this song, which was released in April and already has 56 million views on YouTube, the Belgian singer is denouncing the sexism experienced by women. In the song “Balance ton quoi”, of course it talks about “balance ton porc” (#MeToo), but not only. I didn’t want to use “balance ton porc” (#MeToo) because I didn't want to claim such a strong saying. At the same time with “Balance ton quoi” I think people could very easily understand what the song was talking about. It really is a mix of…of all the sexist ideas and comments that I have seen and experienced. So, I thought to myself: “If I, in my privileged position, have to deal with this, then I can’t even imagine what it must be like for all women.”


It was through the performance of her song “Quiet” alongside several other singers during the 2017 Women's March in Washington, that MILCK got noticed. This march organized by several American women brought together more than 500,000 people to defend the rights of women and minorities against the Trump administration. This song is associated with the #MeToo movement. In 2017, Billboard magazine voted it best protest song of the year. Since then, the song that shares the singer’s story about being a victim of sexual harassment, has been sung in many feminist demonstrations around the world.


December 10, 2019 12:57 PM