Women lawmakers speak up about abortion in France

"We don’t expect compassion. We simply expect that women can have access to abortion as they wish it." Here's how lawmakers in France speak about a woman's right to choose...

10/13/2020 3:18 PMupdated: 10/13/2020 3:20 PM


  • Lideane B.
    10/15/2020 21:42

    Abortion is murder be responsible before getting pregnant.

  • Chey J.
    10/13/2020 22:24

    Women shouldn't have to carry something they don't want. It takes up nutrition and not to mention pregnancy is dangerous. No woman should have to experience it without an out.

  • Ibrahim K.
    10/13/2020 20:08

    You are allowed to have your permission with your body. You can do anything with it. But you CAN'T KILL SOMEONE! YOU CAN'T! When you are aborting a fetus, you are indirectly killing a human being whose life was depended upon your recklessness. Why can't you GET THAT, LIBERALS!

  • Richard K.
    10/13/2020 16:57

    Use a condom!!

  • Giorgi L.
    10/13/2020 15:46

    Actually, when French says that it makes sense, you know, they have big experience in using guillotine and stuff. Yeah, for Frenchs it's ok

  • Henry A.
    10/13/2020 15:30

    Stfu. Baguette