World Leaders and Animals

World leaders disagree on a lot but clearly agree on one thing – liking to be photographed with animals. Well, most world leaders…

First Pets Club

What is it with world leaders and animals? North Korea released these majestic pictures of Kim Jong Un atop a white horse. Russian President Vladimir Putin is also frequently seen on a horse. And apparently uses his dogs to intimidate his guests. China occasionally gives pandas to other countries as diplomatic gifts. Vice President Mike Pence has a famous pet bunny. Most world leaders have pet dogs. Emmanuel Macron, Sauli Niinisto, Queen Elizabeth II and every U.S. President for the last 130 years has had a dog. Except for Donald Trump. In fact, Trump doesn’t seem to think very highly of animals in general.

According to the BBC, Macron and his wife spent two hours and nearly $300 for the dog, who was adopted from a shelter outside of Paris last weekend. With his adoption, Nemo became the newest member of the First Pets Club, an elite group of animals whose job it is to offer their illustrious human owners’ loyalty, companionship, and, of course, good publicity. Shortly after patiently differentiating blonde women for President Trump, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö was photographed holding his dog, the 5-year-old Boston Terrier Lennu. Unlike the French First Dog, Nemo, Lennu has been described as “not fully media trained,” which seems inaccurate given how good he is at working the cameras.

The group’s members have also included some of history’s most famous pets, including the Obamas’ dogs, Bo and Sunny, the Clintons’ cat, Socks, and Winston Churchill’s poodle, Rufus. But for the first time in 150 years, there is no sitting U.S. representative of the First Pets Club. President Trump has no pets whatsoever, and when asked whether this would change, a spokesperson for Melania Trump told CBS News: “The first family is still getting settled so there are no plans at this time.”


10/17/2019 8:16 PM
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  • Jackie S.
    a day

    At least, he realizes that he has no time for a pet, where as others don’t and abandon theirs. All I’ve learned from this add is your personal feelings towards the President.

  • Tk B.
    a day

    What was I supposed to learn from this? It takes a president without a dog to be the best? 😂

  • Sara L.
    3 days

    Not getting an animal when u don't have the time is the right thing to do tho??? So I don't get the negativity Owning animals don't make u a better person

  • Courtnie M.
    3 days

    I may not like Trump or really agree with how he does things, my opinion but I know and respect plenty of people who support him, but to hold it against him that he does not have a dog because he does not have time for one is just brainless stupidity. I am glad he does not just go get one when he does not have time to give it the care and attention they need and deserve. The people who made this video are just trying to stir up trouble where trouble is not needed.

  • Abi M.
    3 days


  • Jason M.
    3 days

    Figured it out, the animals are the ones pulling the strings.

  • Aleana B.
    3 days

    .... neither Putin or Kim were on a white horse, they were technically on grays.....

  • Brysen B.
    4 days

    Is this even real😂😂 not a real argument for anything

  • Donovan B.
    4 days

    Stop using our canine companions and/or otherwise to pander to the masses you lying sacks of misdirection.

  • Ellie T.
    4 days

    Simple answer; world leader or not animal companions are awesome 👍 but like with anything else, not for everyone. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Jen A.
    5 days

    He doesn’t have time for an animal because he is too busy getting things done the right way and fixing this country from all the ***** we have had!!!

  • Carlos H.
    5 days

    I love how these retards are glorifying opresores and judging the presidentof the free world.

  • Nathan S.
    6 days

    Because how dare world leaders spend time with/on animals

  • Dylan O.
    6 days

    This vid just wasted away brain cells with useless knowledge 🤷‍♂️

  • Martina H.
    6 days

    Omg people get a life!!!

  • Ken C.
    11/12/2019 21:20

    Yes don't get a pet when you don't got time to care for them.

  • John C.
    11/12/2019 12:09

    You can’t be mad at that. That’s being responsible enough not to get a dog when you can’t take care of it.

  • Ana Q.
    11/11/2019 12:05

    El es el ANIMAL!

  • Adriene T.
    11/11/2019 02:09

    If he doesn't have the time to spend on and with a pet to give it a life of quality time like he should be able to devote to it he's making the right choice no matter who he is

  • Timothy B.
    11/10/2019 13:44

    Cause hes to busy turning this country around