Youth Climate Activists Under Attack

In the wake of online attacks on Greta Thunberg after she blasted climate deniers, American youth activists Alexandria Villaseñor and Lia Harel told Brut how they’re planning to face down any intimidation.

Despite the smear campaigns, U.S. youth climate activists are turning up the pressure

Inspired by Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future movement, Villaseñor has emerged as a leading figure within the U.S. youth climate movement. But speaking truth to power is not without risks, especially for a youth climate activist. Following a recent wave of attacks by right-wing politicians and media, Swedish activist Greta Thunberg hit back with a tweet at an Australian journalist who called her "deeply disturbed". “I am indeed” deeply disturbed” about the fact that these hate and conspiracy campaigns are allowed to go on and on and on just because we children communicate and act on the science. Where are the adults?”

In July, the teenager also had to call out French politicians after they boycotted her Parliamentary visit. Youth climate activists have been under attack in the U.S. too — where climate science denial is more widespread compared with other countries. Despite the smear campaigns, U.S. youth climate activists are turning up the pressure. “My message to Greta Thunberg, because she has been cyber bullied and as well facing the attacks of climate deniers, is to continue what you're doing, because when climate deniers feel threatened by how your activism and the message and influence you have, then you are really making a difference. So, you have my support and the support of all the strikers all around the world,” Alexandria Villaseñor, Climate activist shouts out in support.

Lia Harel, Climate activist and iMatter leader adds, “I think immediately we need to recognize that continuing burning fossil fuels is making the problem worse. Every single minute of every single day. So that needs to be addressed immediately. Second, we need to make sure that we are moving our money away from fossil fuel infrastructure and moving that towards building renewable energy and making sure that our investments in that are really what is driving the economy to grow. And finally I think that what needs to happen is there needs to be a stop in the controversy around the word climate change and we need to accept the fact, that it is fact, and that it's time.”

As Thunberg announced she will be joining the UN Climate Summit in New York City in September, U.S. activists are now planning for the largest-ever climate protests.


08/11/2019 11:58 AM


  • Timothy M.
    08/25/2019 14:51

    We’ll sure he’ll, don’t use plastic straws, change the world

  • Roberta N.
    08/18/2019 00:51

    I Stand with Greta 🔥💓🔥

  • Gobinda B.
    08/17/2019 18:47

    Greta stand first against the climate deniers so we always follow her ...

  • Jennhael A.
    08/16/2019 06:27

    Dont worry you still got our support

  • Liam H.
    08/15/2019 19:22

    Keep up the good work

  • Andres R.
    08/15/2019 19:06

    what kind of coward messes with children :S

  • Janet M.
    08/14/2019 15:25

    Keep fighting for us and our planet!

  • Станимир Д.
    08/14/2019 14:54

    Хас мо Кар.....чилдрент.....😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Xin A.
    08/14/2019 01:21

    that is great for children to care for environment for their future, but I wished them to practice what they preach. I wishes they are not going to Mc and pick up a plastic straw and throw them away; I wishes they did not throw their sandwich not touched in the landfilled bin; I wish they are not replenish their clothes all every year; I wish they boycott MC plastic milkshake rather than boycott school.

  • Ludmila D.
    08/13/2019 21:19

    A wisdom from Africa: 'The best time to have planted a tree was 20 years ago - the second best time is today'

  • Camille L.
    08/13/2019 20:43

    I'm glad they put the pink arrows from the words tothw person in the video. I'm no sure if I could have fallowed the story with out that.

  • Lori G.
    08/13/2019 17:35

    Stay strong. Be careful

  • Guerr v.
    08/13/2019 16:59

    Dump indoctrinated children

  • Matt P.
    08/13/2019 12:14

    Yea this is why kids aren't responsible for their own actions untill they are adults. And why we dont let kids run the world untill they are adults.....because they are dumb kids.😂😂 they have no clue nor any real life experience.

  • Brendon G.
    08/13/2019 12:04

    Alarmist at there worst. What do you suppose the climate meant to look like? It's never been stable so even though it looks unsettled now it's rather normal

  • Virginia R.
    08/13/2019 12:03

    Keep going Greta !!!! I am with you !!! Vegan for life ,,,all life.

  • Savio P.
    08/13/2019 10:26

    People who are laughing and thinking that this is a joke are the biggest fools!!!

  • Iahtolla Y.
    08/13/2019 08:37

    How is a child considered an environmentalist? She can't even buy a car or drive one. But people below will believe that an elephant is an environmentalist and support the Mother Earth religion.

  • Judy R.
    08/13/2019 08:35

    Brave and true. Terrible that Greta and fellow teenagers are having to fight a hate campaign as well us Climate Change. Environmentalists have to fight governments, big business and the ignorant, as is Greta. Saying she is being used, coached, when she is fighting the fight we ALL should be fighting.

  • Muhammad S.
    08/13/2019 07:09

    Save this planwt

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