A third of all people worldwide are affected by zoonoses

Animals can infect people with potentially fatal diseases. The best way to prevent them? Looking after your pets. 🐶🐱

12/05/2018 7:37 AMupdated: 04/09/2020 2:27 PM
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  • Sherry H.
    12/13/2018 19:54

    They help my depression. End of conversation.

  • Plucky P.
    12/07/2018 01:38

    And what to you think humans infect them with... stop scaremongering animals. Peoples' minds are more bloody contagious with crap.

  • Ray R.
    12/06/2018 07:22

    I don't care. I love dogs.

  • Miriama W.
    12/06/2018 03:23

    I have been saying this for years.

  • Claudie M.
    12/05/2018 13:13

    As if people needed more reasons for their hatred towards other species.. Bye, .

  • Jeanette S.
    12/05/2018 11:33

    I'd be more scared of catching something from a human to be honest.

  • Maria S.
    12/05/2018 11:16

    What a pointless scaremongering video ! Was it sponsored by a pharmaceutical or cleaning product company? I expect better of this page!

  • Zolly E.
    12/05/2018 09:09

    Interestingly, rats and mice (not pets) are not mentioned and they are everywhere (especially in London)! Particles from their shit and piss are everywhere in the air!

  • Milos N.
    12/05/2018 08:22

    Dogs for life!

  • Nak A.
    12/05/2018 08:12

    Sleep with dogs all my life. Very healthy here.

  • Paula A.
    12/05/2018 08:06

    Yet, it has been proven that growing up around animals improves our immune system and reduces allergies...