• Karolien G.
    09/18/2017 18:03

    Would the human race not better stay out of it? Where we come, we spoil (almost) everything.... this is maybe one of the latest unspoiled places on earth.... leave it like that please!

  • Niz B.
    09/18/2017 18:57

    We need to know about such things for the progres of science and intellectual knowledge

  • Deva D.
    09/18/2017 20:24

    It Would Rather Be Wise To Leave It Alone We Have Already Destroyed The Nature Enough For Our Own Gains...

  • Mishal M.
    09/19/2017 01:48

    "New species" 😂

  • Laxmi N.
    09/19/2017 04:09

    Pl don't destroy the Antarctic. Why does man explore and destroy

  • Gaurav K.
    09/19/2017 05:01

    new species dna found

  • Carl D.
    09/19/2017 05:42

    Those new species can also be extinct again

  • Cory R.
    09/19/2017 19:13

    Danilo Molieri Jr

  • Seth A.
    09/21/2017 15:47

    Is heading to the frozen south soon?