Animals That Won’t Last the Century

According to the United Nations, one million species are at risk of extinction due to climate change and human activity. Here are 4 animals out of the 1 million species we might lose by 2050.

Animals That Won’t Last the Century

These are 4 of the 1 million species that may not survive the effects of a shifting climate —according to a United Nations report. What’s more, globalization and what the authors call “telecoupling” have made it easier and easier for resources to be extracted in one part of the world for use in another. That has long been a pattern in the global ecology as well as the economy, with oil, diamonds, timber and other goods and other environmental commodities pumped, mined and harvested from poorer countries in order to enrich already wealthy ones.

Polar bear numbers have declined 40% over the last decade according to the USGS. Along with arctic land and marine life, they could be gone in 40 years Nature Climate Change confirms. There are only over 100,000 orangutans left on Earth. Deforestation from palm oil plantations could see orangutans gone within 20 years. Coral Reefs in all 29 remaining World Heritage reef sites would cease to function by the end of the century IUCN states. Reefs like the Great Barrier Reef host ¼ of all marine life. Higher CO2 levels have lowered the nutritional value of eucalyptus, a staple of the Koala’s diet. The marsupials could be extinct by 2050. Increasing CO2 levels will also render milkweed toxic. This is the only food monarch butterflies eat. In California alone, monarch populations dropped 86% in just 1-year states the Xerces Society.

With 60 billion tons of environmental resources extracted globally each year, the economic pain of such an unequal system—which was felt mostly in the developing world and—is being eclipsed by environmental pain felt by the entire world ecology espcially in animal rights.


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    Why in the world is that idiot still president?

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    I didn't watch past the opening statistic about polar bears declining by 40%. This is not only false, but is nearly opposite to the truth. This shows me that his post isn't information, but propaganda. :(

  • Ethan M.
    08/15/2019 14:28

    The U.S. is the most environmentally friendly industrialized country. Instead of blaming Trump why not look at the statistics of other countries, primarily Southeast Asia. We aren’t the problem, but you pea brained idiots are.

  • Lee S.
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    First thing President Trump has done that makes me question his sanity. The Earth is barely able to sustain the human population as it is, and he has just given the big oil companies permission to put humans on that extinction list.

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    i am sad for nature because we have such an ignorant [resident.

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    Fight the big corporations to stop the destruction of the planet.🌍⏱