Can trees solve the climate crisis?

President Trump announced that the U.S. is joining the global initiative to plant one trillion trees. But tree planting isn't the single solution on climate change — here's why.

Conservation efforts by conservatives

The U.S. has now joined a global initiative to plant 1 trillion carbon-absorbing trees to fight climate change, President Trump announced. But according to experts, trees alone can’t solve the climate crisis. A single tree can absorb 1 ton of carbon by the time it’s 40 years old. Human activity releases 40 billion tons of carbon every single year — and that number is rising. Animation of U.S. graphic with trees popping up.

Why it matters?

The value of forests in sequestering carbon is an important part of any calculation on how we solve the climate crisis. Worldwide forests capture and hold almost half of the carbon stored on land. One recent study suggested that one important part of a multi-faceted climate solution involves planting a trillion trees around the world. These new trees should be able to soak up some of the extra carbon dioxide warming the planet. That extra carbon dioxide comes from such common acts as burning fossil fuels in cars and factories. Once mature, the new trees could store about one-third as much carbon as humans’ lifestyles have created since the start of the Industrial Revolution.

Can't see the forest for the trees

One study suggests that if you covered the entire U.S. in new trees, it would only absorb 10% of the carbon we produce every year. Another says that the number of trees necessary to stop global warming would halt food production and disrupt biospheres. Despite Donald Trump’s disingenuous statement at Davos committing the United States to participate in the trillion trees initiative, his administration is moving exactly in the wrong direction. Trees, plastics and favorable tax policy are at the core of House Republicans’ new push on climate change — an effort to reassure voters they care about the problem after a decade of dismissing it.


01/23/2020 9:58 PM


  • Ilona U.
    06/22/2020 17:57

    Where are they. Plant them now.

  • Erick I.
    02/01/2020 04:06

    Retarded tree huggers 🖕🏼🤣🖕🏼

  • Pat P.
    02/01/2020 02:33

    I trillion do not help, you did lot more damage in three takes 15 years to recover. Even though you plant trillion trees. PR BS

  • Dave B.
    01/31/2020 22:32

    Hope you rake the forest donald!

  • Bill H.
    01/31/2020 20:44

    I’ve heard about pot absorbing carbon equal to trees if grown in quantity, so that might help while the trees are growing...

  • Johnny L.
    01/31/2020 17:48

    If tRUMP supports it, its crooked. Better investigate.

  • Don F.
    01/31/2020 10:49

    Give so little take so much

  • Daryll D.
    01/31/2020 05:53

    Oh pinocchio...

  • Rodney M.
    01/31/2020 00:21

    Finally doing something that makes sense and not sending money to shithole countries.

  • Tony J.
    01/30/2020 21:57

    Climate change they could tell you all the ski was falling and you all would believe it there no such thing lmao

  • Cheryl S.
    01/30/2020 16:21

    Have they added in plan servivel rate after planting ?

  • Cory S.
    01/30/2020 04:07

    This is nothing but a PR stunt I won't believe it until I see it

  • Luciano M.
    01/30/2020 00:46

    😂😂😂😂💩💩💩 some deference please ktmt you need better start. You. Nothing good nothing

  • Weasell's S.
    01/29/2020 21:34

    I just hate how he twists his mouth to speak..... 😈😈😈😈😈

  • Donald H.
    01/29/2020 19:18

    Those smoke stakes have be gone for a long time.

  • Tim A.
    01/29/2020 11:16

    Climate change is a bunch of BS to line pockets of politicians it amazes me people can't see that. Al Gore made a killing using this theory as well as many more.

  • Greg O.
    01/28/2020 21:35

    Wonder how may trees he will be able to see from his jail cell?

  • Jeronimo B.
    01/28/2020 18:38

    Fk this cowardly nazi!

  • Wendy N.
    01/28/2020 15:33

    Great after leaving the Paris accord and rolling back every environmental regulation Obama put in place....

  • Jean G.
    01/28/2020 13:42

    You can't teach an old dog new trick y'all better listen to these kids

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