• Michael A.
    06/09/2017 04:01

    Who put this together?

  • Jimmy B.
    06/07/2017 08:03

    How many of you believers are walking to work tomorrow . No plastics can be used by you guys nothing . So if you believers are so head strong . Stop burning any kind of fossil fuel and anything in your lives that is made out of petroleum . HahahLet see ya walk to work . Hahah

  • Randall K.
    06/06/2017 16:54

    Oh my god stop your fear MONGERING now !! Everything you stated even using your own stats doesn't produce what your saying !!

  • Nonotherthan B.
    06/04/2017 03:53

    If they stop the haarp program,and chem trails,and the other bs they are doing to create a false warming we wld be fine. Its all abt taxing us to fuckin death

  • Justin C.
    06/04/2017 00:49

    There's no way South Beach is going under the sea. Donald Trump owns too many buildings here lol

  • Gerrie D.
    06/03/2017 16:23

    Global warming started when they cut down the rain forest. Trees cool the earth, stops erosion and provides oxygen. If there is global warming it is caused by cutting down trees. What exactly is in this Paris agreement?

  • Taylor R.
    06/03/2017 06:12

    Have any of you actually read the Paris Climate Agreement?? Doubtful! Newsflash it's completely useless as the whole this is "voluntary" and countries set their standards by peer pressuring lmao are we 15 yrs old? Also why are there no restrictions on China and India?? 2 of the largest pollution producing countries in the world! Makes absolutely no sense but go cry in the corner about ice caps that'll work for sure

  • Cody D.
    06/03/2017 05:36


  • Tyler M.
    06/03/2017 05:20

    Ashley Gatton

  • Kirby R.
    06/03/2017 05:03

    "The planet is fine...the PEOPLE are fucked!" ~George Carlin~

  • Glenn C.
    06/03/2017 04:57

    Enuf with this fake bullshit and whoever feeds into this is just plain fucking dumb

  • Wesley C.
    06/03/2017 04:19

    Man the liberal media is something else. This is total bullshit. All they do is use scare tactics to get people into a frenzy. People do your own research and don't be sheep and believe what you hear on the bias news outlets.

  • David W.
    06/03/2017 04:03

    ..So, if you are hearing the "Paris Climate Agreement and confused about what it is let me see if I can help you out. Its a plan that Obama initiated to reduce the Global Warming effect caused by human activity by 2030. . The Paris agreement created this United Nations climate slush fund, largely underwritten by American taxpayers. In his final year in office, President Obama contributed $500 million from the State Department to this fund on two separate occasions. He did it without authorization from Congress.)...This is TEXTBOOK Redistribution of wealth. We know the Globalists want to destroy America and make it just one of many countries, no stronger or richer than anyone else. Climate Change, means the Government can put 100s of 1000s of pages of regulations on energy production and consumption. (they can charge a ridiculous Tax from you and send the money out of the US to other countries redistributing your money to the UN to distribute to whom they choose. They lie and get you feeling responsible, then tax the hell out of you. They create subsidies for the poor, and charge the middle class 4 times what they pay now...in the name of "Sacrifice for the greater good" Sounds like your "You can keep your doctor speech, right?" Karl Marx said to create true socialism you must use political correctness and guilt to control health care and energy. If you can control them you can destroy capitalism and replace with socialism. That is what this is all about, Obama care and Climate change, destroying the middle class and creating a subservient populism under government control. Obama made (without congress) that all cars will have to be mandatory 54.5 mpg by 2025, it is also estimated it will cost 6.5 trillion in economic growth which will destroy jobs. Mind you, that this Paris agreement puts 0 restrictions on China and India (2 largest in pollutionbbq) and Russia is allowed to increase their emissions by 50%.....by Dovie M.

  • Lul S.
    06/03/2017 03:27

    Help us if you can 🙏🏾🙏🏾😭❗💓. I dont mean to bother you, but.. You think you could help is out ? A share or a donation would do a lot . please..please.. read it😩 https://www.gofundme.com/qgev8g-help-us-help-our-mom

  • Jackson W.
    06/03/2017 03:06

    Trump and republicans in general are fucking stupid. I can't wrap my head around how people would support this decision.

  • Jack J.
    06/03/2017 02:33

    Justin Clever

  • Eduardo G.
    06/03/2017 02:20

    Stfu and get over it!

  • Dalton O.
    06/03/2017 02:11

    I think maybe we could get away from these fearful thoughts and predictions and just focus on that fact that if put an icepack down your pants in the summer global warming doesnt matter

  • Jason V.
    06/03/2017 02:07

    Well I mean, I guess that's what happens when people go for Trump.

  • Skyddlz G.
    06/03/2017 01:59

    Sal Gee

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