• D A.
    06/02/2017 08:00

    Thanks to all stupid people voted for Donald Trump 😓

  • Ced W.
    06/01/2017 03:42

    There should be more shares

  • Jason M.
    05/31/2017 16:55

    It is called Mother Nature, not let's save the environment Captain Planet ass bitches. Let the world do its thang!

  • Anne M.
    05/31/2017 16:47

    the man is a lunatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kris P.
    05/31/2017 16:39

    Trump bro of all the things u have fucked plz leave the future alone..smh

  • James B.
    05/31/2017 16:03

    The orange clown is gonna destroy us all

  • Joe H.
    05/31/2017 15:19

    Glad he's got some balls

  • Sherry J.
    05/31/2017 14:29

    The predictions scientists have already made never came true. Don't believe the scare tactics. The global warming myth is a billion dollar industry. That's why they keep pushing the lies.

  • Joey B.
    05/31/2017 14:22

    Money,money,money that's all it's about anymore

  • Jafet V.
    05/31/2017 13:32

    So what you saying that us the humans control now the nature

  • Kristin P.
    05/31/2017 12:50

    he is such a great president

  • Christopher Z.
    05/31/2017 12:21

    AWESOME!!! Great for the economy!!!!

  • Jonah V.
    05/31/2017 10:43

    Global warming is a big issue in this day and age. But with all the pollution that is corroding the atmosphere at a record pace, humans do it just as well just by breathing. Global temps started to dramatically increase once the population increased exponentially. So it's fault on both ends

  • Janina M.
    05/31/2017 09:34

    Sarah Bordeau

  • Matthew B.
    05/31/2017 06:30

    This fucker is both literally and figuratively destroying this country

  • Ian B.
    05/31/2017 06:23

    None of these seem like problems...

  • Evander F.
    05/31/2017 05:41

    If he privately told his staff then how did a Facebook news page find out

  • Danny H.
    05/31/2017 05:24

    Good bye world 🌎

  • Johnny D.
    05/31/2017 05:19

    Ill be dead so yea

  • Anabella Z.
    05/31/2017 05:05


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