• Aaron J.
    09/16/2017 07:18

    Can't even handle a meme page wow

  • Antaya F.
    09/14/2017 16:25

    This is not how this works.....sigh.

  • John P.
    09/13/2017 20:18

    People who don't know what there talking about are fucking gay

  • Della C.
    09/13/2017 13:56

    , Ben Gorman, Brian ..why does this feel like a conversation you all regularly have?

  • Wolfegang B.
    09/13/2017 13:52

    Literally nobody thought this was serious, why do people keep reporting like it is?

  • Anthony D.
    09/13/2017 13:46

    White people always fucking up everything

  • Cameron R.
    09/13/2017 12:18

    your understanding of how firearms operate leaves me speechless. Also, you obviously have no significant grasp on reality. You are fake news.

  • Alex H.
    09/13/2017 11:59

    ... its a joke?!?!?!

  • Francis A.
    09/13/2017 10:54

    Bullshit, I shot this hurricane three times and it missed my city. Your science is flawed.

  • Ryan M.
    09/13/2017 08:06

    Tbh if you have the audacity to waste bullets on a FUCKING hurricane. Your probably struggling from low iq and minimal brain frequency.

  • Andrew P.
    09/13/2017 06:14

    If you guys think that a bullet that goes 2500 feet per second, which is roughly 1700 miles per hour, would stop completely, or change its course that drastically because of a hurricane going 150 mph, which is literally less than 10 percent of the speed the bullet would be going at, I feel sorry for you and your education.

  • Luis O.
    09/13/2017 03:11

    like shooting up.in the air

  • Nilorb I.
    09/13/2017 02:48

    That wasn't a shotgun round

  • Oscar C.
    09/13/2017 01:58

    If your name is seriously spelled "ryon" with an "O" i automatically think you have some type of mental retardation

  • Caleb S.
    09/13/2017 00:21

    Please, anyone dumb enough to go shoot a hurricane is dumb enough that I'd want them removed from the earth anyways. The hurricane can do that for me. Also, the notion that the falling bullet is going to come out of the hurricane with any lethal force is as moronical as this entire video was. A bullet won't be any more harmful than the rest of the stuff being picked up off the ground. The video is so stupid I bet I just got trolled and its actually satire

  • Terrance M.
    09/13/2017 00:10

    It would still only hit you as hard as a rock flying through the air

  • Steven S.
    09/12/2017 22:28

    Love the whole bullet comin out of a shotgun considering shotguns shoot shells and even regular bullets only the tip comes out

  • Tyler L.
    09/12/2017 21:36

    Lol a shotgun shooting a rifle bullet. Fuckin idiots

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