• Dajana M.
    11/27/2019 13:10

    Take a pill, that is better 😂 blah

  • Ingeborg K.
    11/26/2019 16:31

    Leave me alone.

  • Muhammad H.
    11/26/2019 12:39

    They ask you ˹O Prophet˺ about intoxicants and gambling. Say, “There is great evil in both, as well as some benefit for people—but the evil outweighs the benefit.” They ˹also˺ ask you ˹O Prophet˺ what they should donate. Say, “Whatever you can spare.” This is how Allah makes His revelations clear to you ˹believers˺, so perhaps you may reflect [2:219]

  • Evan C.
    11/24/2019 21:51

    wine is not as good as they say it is for you I was right

  • Diana D.
    11/24/2019 20:44

    Meh, I'd rather have grape juice lol.

  • Renfebron R.
    11/24/2019 20:38

    Unless one is that really dying as an alcoholic that's a different story I drink wine moderately not exactly to be abusive with it reds are still a good resource of resveratrol which is essential for heart related disease prevention

  • Jesse H.
    11/24/2019 13:26

    I'm so sick of people using 'Science' to sound authoritative and to support their stance on anything at any given moment. Everyone suddenly has a monopoly on 'Science' as soon as they grab a theory or two.

  • Mike M.
    11/24/2019 09:58

    Stop drinking wine, stop eating steaks, become a vegetarian and start exercising, and then get hit by a moron on the road and die happy that your healthy bits and pieces can be transplanted.

  • Leon L.
    11/24/2019 08:16

    We all know health was just an excuse to drink

  • Lorene D.
    11/24/2019 05:37

    Another myth busted

  • Aline F.
    11/24/2019 04:57

    Well duh! Its fucking alcohol! Lmao

  • Shekar T.
    11/24/2019 04:16

    Did you say A glass of Wine is equal to a hour of Gym?. I wanna cry😭 Yes sir I'll do it's from now

  • Carrie H.
    11/24/2019 03:11

    well, shit!

  • Bitt G.
    11/24/2019 03:02

    But I LIKE it!

  • Philippe V.
    11/24/2019 02:11

    Eh shit

  • Mario D.
    11/24/2019 01:45

    Bullshit. My grandmother drank a small glass of Port every night after dinner, went to Church every Sunday until she couldn't anymore and lived to be 99, so there's that. Had she started sooner she would've made 110.

  • Linda F.
    11/23/2019 22:57

    I stopped reading at "you would need to drink 330l " thank you

  • Jacqueline S.
    11/23/2019 21:34

    La música demasiado alta te destroza los tímpanos.....y?.....La escuchas cuando la necesitas....como todo en la vida!!!

  • Jacqueline S.
    11/23/2019 21:31

    El vino es sólo zumo de uvas....qué hay mas natural?...Y una copa ni sera sano ni dejara de serlo....es peor ser mala persona!

  • Jacqueline S.
    11/23/2019 21:28

    Ni caso al post....esos no conocen el vino español!!!