• Kathryn G.
    4 days

    And, how about the effect on the pancreas?

  • Gina T.
    5 days


  • Heiko R.
    5 days

    Cheers 😉🍷

  • Daniel E.
    6 days

    You can get plenty of resveratrol from regular grapes, particularly concord or other dark grapes.

  • Jayanti N.
    6 days

    All those fake, nothing gain, only losse

  • Josy M.
    6 days

    oh mince!!!!!! :-)

  • Rupak M.
    6 days

    i bring bad news 😰

  • Uchix F.
    7 days

    that's why I drink grape juice

  • Alban P.
    7 days

    If you drink evereday u become cronic alcool drinker, so stop drinking there is nothing healthy in vine or in other alc drinks….,

  • Lorraine R.
    7 days

    Everyday somebody changes their minds about butter/magerine, coffee, wine etc, etc. Who to believe? When is the next change of mind (always due to new studies, mind you) going to come. I believe no-one anymore! I prefer to make up my own mind! Finish en klaar!!!

  • Chandra T.
    7 days

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  • Nick O.
    7 days

    well its at least good for our mental health, and thats enough for me

  • Nathanial's E.
    7 days

    Google "Trans-Resveratrol" This is the compound in wine (in grapes) that is good for you, it's what is often used to misconstrue this wine science even though you would have to drink an entire gallon of wine to get the amount that's in a single pill... it's an Anti Oxidant, and it is a longevity drug, meant to help you live longer, very good stuff backed by real science. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0925443915000216

  • Virginia L.
    7 days

    I like these fact based snippets on BRUT!!

  • Randy H.
    7 days

    could not finish this because of the horrible background music

  • Lilian C.
    7 days

    People are stressed by no stress life. During millions of years our ancestors prepared us genetically for lives of lethal stress and endowed us with survival skills because of it that allowed us to make it here! Now, that we are here, we face the inertia of this evolutionary phenomenon. Individually and in group we adopt mentalities and habits that mimic the inevitability of the survival stress! And then there are those who unethically exploit this phenomenon by advertising falsely its "good" effects! We no longer fear death, we long for it. Without a comprehensive strategy in diagnosing, preventing and treating this pathological trend individually and group, represented by the toxic populism and strive towards authoritarianism, our civilization risks falling back again and again and lose time and precious resources that would've advanced us instead as was the case numerous times in our recent history. Treatment needs to be both occupational and perceptive in character!

  • Hassan H.
    7 days

    HH: So to benefit from good health effects of wine, drink 330L at a go, simple. slm

  • Kemisetso K.
    12/28/2020 22:31

    You know if u live by scientists opinions, you won’t live happily

  • Peggy M.
    12/28/2020 16:16

    Who cares? Bring it on and drink up!

  • Rushita B.
    12/27/2020 19:07