Kushner under the spotlight

Everyone’s talking about Jared Kushner’s voice, but let’s analyze what he actually said.

06/21/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Sharon H.
    06/21/2017 22:06

    More alternative facts. I'm now surprised when someone in government says something true. I get all confused.

  • Nicole R.
    06/21/2017 23:16


  • Gabriela S.
    06/21/2017 23:29

    Lmfao. It's such a joke. An administration that takes credit for other administration policies and accomplishments . They are such an embarrassment.

  • Nomamesguey
    06/21/2017 23:44

    Que Pendejo!

  • Janette J.
    06/22/2017 00:25

    Just as clueless as his father-in-law

  • Sean S.
    06/22/2017 00:59

    Jared cuckner with the bullshit

  • Wais A.
    06/22/2017 01:26

    His wife sounds more masculine than he does

  • AH M.
    06/22/2017 01:28

    The Motherfucker knows how to talk!

  • Micky S.
    06/22/2017 01:58

    Well shit, Trump took credit for building the panama canal, so not surprised.

  • Ezequiel H.
    06/22/2017 02:27

    What a marshmallow little bitch

  • Rae K.
    06/22/2017 03:08


  • Vincent G.
    06/22/2017 03:43

    For a second I thought he was gonna sound like Gilbert Gottfried like in that John Oliver piece about him and Ivanka

  • Ram E.
    06/22/2017 03:49

    Mike jones

  • Hadith B.
    06/22/2017 03:59

    Hello technology! :D

  • Kendra C.
    06/22/2017 04:07

    He looks like the loving boyfriend in a movie that actually turns out to be the serial killer at the end.

  • Luis P.
    06/22/2017 04:55

    Not surprised. They all are just idiots and not ashamed of saying nonsense lies.

  • Joe E.
    06/22/2017 06:46

    Russian germ. Communist Asshole, traitor greedy treasonist.

  • Ethan S.
    06/22/2017 08:26

    Why is everyone stuck on Democrat and Republican??? Get your head out of your ass and worry about health care and pollution shit that affects all... if you think the Republican Party gives a fuck about you your stupid as hell... worry about what policies they're trying to pass and not what party they're part of... I just don't understand the selfishness of people who don't want Obamacare it's the first step to Universal Health Care if the Republicans weren't trying to repeal it and we're trying to fix it that would be awesome... but they're not. they want to take money out of it instead of putting money into it.. for themselves because the little man being healthier is bad for business ........ keeping you sick and high on pharmaceutical medication so you can't take back America and they can rob her blind

  • Carolyn C.
    06/22/2017 11:24


  • Samuel T.
    06/22/2017 11:37

    As DJ Khaled once said. "Congratulations, you played yourself." 😂