Low-tech initiatives: Transforming waste into compost using flies

Flies are more than just a nuisance. They’re actually an invaluable ressource. Here is why they could be useful to all of us… With Low-tech Lab - Nomade des Mers

11/13/2019 7:36 AM


  • Radha M.
    11/28/2019 15:43

    Bien demanding.mais practice makes perfect💥💥

  • Leelamma G.
    11/26/2019 14:25


  • Surajit M.
    11/26/2019 05:37

    Excellent job

  • Antony P.
    11/22/2019 07:44


  • Abilio M.
    11/21/2019 03:15


  • Sri S.
    11/20/2019 23:07


  • Anayet T.
    11/20/2019 02:09

    আল্লাহু আকবার

  • Chun C.
    11/18/2019 19:15

    Black soldier fly

  • Kano P.
    11/17/2019 03:50

    ive watched too much horror that i know where this is going.. when those larva grow in your body 😰

  • Louis S.
    11/16/2019 13:52

    ce que je constate simplement, c'est que cette technique est utilisée depuis longtemps par la ferme sonraï au benin. en fait beaucoup de choses que l'occident présente comme révolutionnaires sont en réalité deja utilisé et exploités en afrique . mais propagande et falsification oblige, l'occident se fait toujours passé pour en etre à l'initiative. je ne suis pas forcement contre ce doc, mais je profite pour denoncer le mensonge de l'occident envers l'afrique noir.

  • Joseph B.
    11/16/2019 06:00

    So that's roughly 900kg to 400kg in larvae and compost. I wonder if other specialized decomposers would facilitate the conversion of the other 500 kgs.

  • Khin A.
    11/16/2019 00:06


  • Joko P.
    11/15/2019 23:23

    yess I do

  • Amar D.
    11/15/2019 12:24

    What if they spread diseases

  • Monica A.
    11/14/2019 18:28

    When they say organic waste, is it all type of food waste as well? Including meat, seafood and bones?

  • Leon L.
    11/14/2019 11:37

    Or you can just bury your organic waste and let the worms take care of

  • Pete B.
    11/13/2019 21:49

    Way back in my youth, my dad was a gardener and he would use praying mantis and ladybug larvae to control pests instead of chemicals. Just because its low tech doesn't mean it's not efficient.

  • Waltraud W.
    11/13/2019 13:49

    I know flies are vital.but could they please stay off my pudding after they have been on a pile of pooh.

  • Amy A.
    11/13/2019 11:13

    for the farm?

  • Tin K.
    11/13/2019 09:03

    are these fly harmful?

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