• Michelle D.
    11/19/2017 18:32

    Quite the commentary on the US education system......

  • Boby M.
    11/18/2017 19:46

    How stubbornly stupid this guy is if your island is sinking doesn't that tell you the sea level is Raising I'm not a scientist but that's an easy one what a fukin idiot

  • Jaime A.
    11/15/2017 17:16

    A village idiot among village idiots 😂😂😂😂

  • Joseph C.
    11/14/2017 14:01

    Say good bye to your island Republican turds need to get flushed out to sea to believe in climate change lol 😂

  • Craig T.
    11/13/2017 03:02


  • Robert S.
    11/12/2017 14:22

    Wait next you're going to tell me Florida isn't under water the polar bears are still alive and manbearpig isn't dead....

  • Antonio G.
    11/12/2017 00:19

    Uhhhhhh, duh! WTF do you think is causing it? Lol.

  • Len P.
    11/11/2017 23:19

    I think the mayor’s focus should be on how to care for the people who will be displaced because of erosion/climate change.

  • Darn Z.
    11/10/2017 23:28

    How tf people like these mayors

  • Aaron O.
    11/10/2017 22:02

    Please wash this island out to sea.

  • Essence U.
    11/10/2017 15:24

    Complete and utter moron

  • Ryan D.
    11/10/2017 13:16

    thought I'd add to your idiots of the day

  • Malik S.
    11/10/2017 05:39

    First, I challenged his logic when he said he was a Trump supporter. But how do you explain the occurrence and then in the very next sentence state that you don’t see the occurrence. That requires a level of stupid I cannot comprehend. Sidenote, going up against Al gore on climate change is not ideal. He been doing this since 93

  • Robert P.
    11/10/2017 04:40

    😆 Maybe the island is sinking. 😆 Maybe someone is stealing the sand. 😆 Maybe the island is moving away. ✅ Or maybe the ocean is rising just like the scientists and satellites show !

  • Jose J.
    11/10/2017 04:10

    Well if he doesn’t believe in climate change well then he’s screwed and he’s island will go down to the bottom of the ocean

  • Bryan H.
    11/10/2017 03:21

    The sea isn't rising, the land is sinking! Duh!!!..... sir sit down!!!

  • Benjamin G.
    11/10/2017 03:12

    Good metaphor for a little enlightenment versus well, not so much..hence our present situation

  • Tyler M.
    11/10/2017 02:21

    dude wut

  • Suezie G.
    11/10/2017 01:23

    Lol 😂Gore was like I’m not even gonna waste my time đŸ€ŠđŸŸâ€â™€ïžđŸ€ŠđŸŸâ€â™€ïžđŸ€ŠđŸŸâ€â™€ïž

  • Neeva J.
    11/10/2017 00:49

    Who taught this man the word erosion cause from my keen observation he doesn't know what he's talking about