New York underwater

Can you imagine the consequences of sea level rise on coastal cities? In the short 'Two°C', French duo Menilmonde did. This could be NYC in 2030.

06/13/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Christian E.
    06/13/2017 19:36

    The US pulling out of the Paris agreement does not mean no progress towards green energy can be made or prevents companies from developing green energy, just that the US isn't gonna be paying for the majority of the rest of the world to develop green energy.

  • Andrew M.
    06/13/2017 19:44

    This is complete bullshit. If this actually did happen, one city or state or country can't prevent it.

  • Celeste T.
    06/13/2017 19:49

    What a load of shit

  • Mike S.
    06/13/2017 20:18

    All that water appears to be liberal tears!😂

  • Adam P.
    06/13/2017 20:41

    Omg, more of these bogus "look what will happen because we didn't get our way" projections. Tell you what, considering 97% of these projections were wrong in the past, I'll throw down $300 on not gonna happen.

  • Michael D.
    06/13/2017 20:43

    Well according to conservatives this could never happen, god won't let it...

  • Mike N.
    06/13/2017 21:01

    Lol the Paris agreement only shifted temperatures by a projected 0.2 degrees by year 2100 this video is ridiculous I thought we cared about research and science

  • James M.
    06/13/2017 21:29

    At least the streets will get cleaned

  • Adriana C.
    06/13/2017 21:42

    like giving so much money to an organization will prevent this hahaha!

  • Steve W.
    06/13/2017 22:39

    Ive always wanted to tour New York city by canoe . Maybe a good start up business . Need some investors !

  • David C.
    06/14/2017 15:39

    If that happens by 2030, it won't be because of the withdrawal of the Paris agreement. we have had at least 5 ice ages and all before the industrial revolution, that means before the SUV. the earth's temperature will always have cooling and warming cycles that go on for long periods of time, the earth is 4.5 billion years old and the extremes in temperature did a lot to make us who we are today as humans if you consider evolution, taking us from the trees to walking, for example.

  • David W.
    06/15/2017 03:44

    We are already 17 yrs behind schedule. It was already supposed to be underwater over a decade ago. This is all based on faulty info. Also President Trump has said he wasn't pulling out of the pollution aspect of the deal. Just us giving Millions to country's like China who we will need to borrow it back from. We should not borrow money to give it away to the people we borrowed from. That's just stupid. And we are one of very few if not alone with restrictions. The rest of the Country's can pollute more according to the protocol. I want to know why we are still poisoning everything with GMOs and spraying heavy metals and poisons in the atmosphere. We will never be able to undo that after all the animals are extinct and we are burning up like were in. A Microwave. I could care less about campfires and Cow farts we are throwing a noose over a beam and will be stepping into it soon. A couple volcanic eruptions spewed more gasses than we have ever created. What about the toxic nuclear waste China has been dumping into our Ocean for yrs now? Our most precious resource, at least 50 of them in fact. No just keep radiating the shit out of it but cut off you way of life in a way that the 1% makes trillions more off our backs.

  • Ben V.
    06/15/2017 19:15

    Well we wouldnt be underwater cuz we could just heighten the barrier, but i love everything the governor is doing

  • Jeffrey D.
    06/15/2017 19:34

    So say bye bye to the subway? Guess I'll plan an place to escape to

  • Charles M.
    06/15/2017 20:48

    Now which liberal "scientist" came up with that scenario?

  • Jevon B.
    06/15/2017 21:08

    He'll be gone in 4 years

  • Andrew A.
    06/15/2017 21:28

    Good fuck NYC

  • David M.
    06/15/2017 21:57

    They said this would happen on 2012, so fuck your knowledge, and just live.

  • Jack D.
    06/15/2017 22:03

    No more rat problem. And getting​ to work by canals. Fun.

  • Dylan N.
    06/15/2017 22:34

    #CuomoHasGottaGo #RepealTheSafeAct