• Charnasia S.
    06/16/2017 14:30

    Its already happening. I live in upstate NY Rochester to be exact and all our beaches are gone because the water level has risen.

  • Thomas D.
    06/16/2017 13:54

    China and india can build coal mines till 2020, and no money from them, bullshit, bring it home!

  • Thomas D.
    06/16/2017 13:46

    Could and will, lol, leftist want you to no think, obey them!

  • Michael T.
    06/16/2017 12:59

    Lol how ridiculous is this ? Since we pulled out of the Paris accord NYC is going to be under water unless we join. Just like when Al Gore said by this time there wouldn't be any snow on top of mountains. As someone who actually studied both geology and biology and understands the natural cycles the earth has been going through the last 2.5 million years, shut up liberals. You don't have to join an accord that's going to make the USA pay for other countries misuse of the environment to save it. Unfortunately I live in NY and my governor wants us to pay 😒😒😒

  • Mike U.
    06/16/2017 12:44

    NY mayor should be in PRISON for TREASON! NO MORE SANCTUARY CITIES!!! WTF TRUMP why arent you doing anything about this??? City mayors DO NOT have more power then our President! or this countries Citizens they are a public SERVANT! They need ot start acting like it!!! WE THE PEOPLE WANT ALL ILLEGALS OUT NOW!

  • Suave F.
    06/16/2017 11:46

    So no one watched "the day after tomorrow" lol yea....

  • Aaron S.
    06/16/2017 10:15

    Wow, there are a lot of people here who don't like facts.

  • Bartholomew J.
    06/16/2017 06:36

    The US cannot pull out of the agreement. We have learned that the only person who can pull the US out IS THE NEXT PRESIDENT.....

  • Adam C.
    06/16/2017 06:23


  • Bérangère A.
    06/16/2017 03:24

    Venice in nyc ...

  • Ibie I.
    06/16/2017 03:01

    Yesss a city like Venice!

  • Nicole A.
    06/16/2017 00:49

    Why do you think they're making high rises

  • Keith G.
    06/15/2017 23:23

    Looks like Italy to me

  • Gary W.
    06/15/2017 23:19

    This is happening I mean 😢😢😢

  • Gary W.
    06/15/2017 23:18

    I believed this is happened after Sandy !!!! 😢😢😢😢😢

  • Jesus D.
    06/15/2017 23:02

    This is so stupid...you liberals have truly lost your way....You can't stop natraul causes...all we can do is prepare.

  • Rich G.
    06/15/2017 22:50

    Wait so... Does no one remember dooms day prophet al gore? We all should have died by now according to his predictions, and I know a bunch of you defending this video bought his bs. So either you're just really gullible or you secretly want the world to end. Why don't we just wait 13 years and find out if they're right. Oh but that's right, they said "This COULD be what happens" bc they have no fucking idea haha

  • Jack D.
    06/15/2017 22:03

    No more rat problem. And getting​ to work by canals. Fun.

  • Jevon B.
    06/15/2017 21:08

    He'll be gone in 4 years

  • Charles M.
    06/15/2017 20:48

    Now which liberal "scientist" came up with that scenario?

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