• MaryAnne P.
    an hour

    , isn’t the recycled bag super?

  • Sharon S.
    6 hours

    My grandmother used to crochet plastic bag rugs 50 years ago! Ahead of her times.

  • Virginia L.
    7 hours

    Awesome idea, young man!! Every day I try to find multiple ways to reuse plastic. I recycle...nothing is enough, though. Every major city needs a factory like yours....ship them to Arkansas!! We will buy them...

  • Caitlin A.
    7 hours

    these are fantastic!

  • Charlene S.
    8 hours

    Great idea. Someday maybe we will be wearing plastic coats and carrying plastic umbrellas.

  • Marty R.
    8 hours

    Amazing; hand-weaving machines using waste plastic bags.

  • Sunshine P.
    16 hours

    This is incredible so glad you had the resources to bring this to life! Thank you for being you

  • Julie P.
    20 hours

    Wonderful concept 🤩

  • Ci B.
    a day

    Love this!

  • Felicia E.
    a day

    This is awesome!

  • Stacey S.
    2 days

    My grandmas been making this for years … it’s common upcycling practice in Nagaland , India . You can make bathroom mats , coasters too using the crochet technique x

  • Sandra B.
    2 days

    Absolutely LOVE this!!! One person saw a need, took action to remedy it. 👍 One little step, then someone else takes another, and so on. ❤️

  • Alice G.
    2 days

    Great ideas 💞

  • June B.
    2 days


  • Cass D.
    2 days

    I have loved telling my fellow Ontarians about Metro and Giant Tiger locations often taking these types of plastics for reuse!

  • Kay R.
    2 days

    Bless you! That's so exciting.

  • Jeannie L.
    2 days

    Awesome job!!

  • Ineke W.
    2 days

    Goed zo

  • Alpna R.
    3 days

    Kudos, if we all do our part. We have hope for this planet n for future generations

  • Julie S.
    3 days

    That's so awesome.

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