One of the strangest animals on the planet, this is the echidna

It is a mammal but it lays eggs. It has electric-like sensors on its snout but no teeth. Meet the echidna — one of the weirdest creatures on the planet.

08/15/2021 4:58 PMupdated: 08/17/2021 11:24 AM


  • Mike C.
    2 days

    also in Aussie

  • Kerry K.
    3 days

    Cute as a button

  • Hameed S.
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  • Wayne G.
    5 days

    When threatened. The quickly dig a small depression in the ground. Lay flat to protect their soft ender belly. Cover most of their body in soil. With just their spines above the ground. A brave predator to get past that defence.

  • Leopardo D.
    6 days

    cool animal thanks for sharing also, what is this music playing? it is insane

  • Lisa M.
    6 days

    it’s Knuckles

  • Debbie A.
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  • Ume-Abubakar M.
    6 days

    Amazing animal

  • Øyvind S.
    6 days

    So beautiful skating av platypus I Australia og hasmania

  • Robin V.
    6 days

    While the eggs thing is the usual 'show stealer', the reptilian relics in these ancient breakaway species doesn't end there. In many ways they're more like squat, toothless Alligators with fur, than a weird Hedgehog that lays eggs. The big one is the bones of the shoulder which are fused like a pelvis due to the presence of the 'Coracoid' bone. On Reptiles and Birds, the shoulders contain three bones: Scapula, Coracoid and Clavicle. But on all mammals, including us, there is no Coracoid, which frees the Clavicle (Collarbone) to pivot, granting us independently mobile shoulders. Like the rigid flight frame of a bird on which the wing muscles are mounted, Echidna take advantage of this rigid, 'pelvis like' shoulder to attach powerful musculature for digging, while Platypus mirror Penguins in adapting the same structure for swimming. But so often people compare them to Hedgehogs on the purely superficial similarity of having spines, which is like claiming Penguins are just 'beaked Seals', because they are blubbery, flippered, sea animals with short legs that eat fish.

  • Whesley S.
    6 days

    look at the strange and amazing ouch mouse

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    08/15/2021 20:15

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