• Stacy R.
    2 days

    The pads in the 70s went up to your tail bone to your belly button!!!, had a elastic belt, and the long ends of the Korea clipped into that belt. Then you had your underwear, jeans were low rise so God help uou if you bend over and that belt peeked out! Pad was extremely thick!!! Like a brick. Menopause is a beautiful thing!🤣

  • Nawasa A.
    4 days

    Honestly I think they are horrible and I hate going through it

  • Magdalena B.
    04/15/2021 11:51

    виж как знаеш трендовете. Плюс виж колко интересно през 1950 г казват грижете се за ноктите, косата си и тн и изглеждайте добре ( тоест никой да не разбере, че сте неразположени) , а сега през 2021 г си е супер окей , че те боли и не изглеждаш идеално.. та се чудя кое е по-добре. 🤣

  • Areij K.
    04/13/2021 03:32

    So basically it was always falsely. portrayed. Commercialised. Sexualised. Regarded as taboo. Spoken in metaphors. Still though how did media end up from these advertisements to school girls probably high on something being ridiculously energetic dancing on top of school desks because they wore a always pad! It’s still not as bad as advertisements in Pakistan. The girl can now finally solve a math equation, she can focus and reach the sky!Thank God for that life altering magic sanitary pad.😂😂😂aAman

  • Ioanna M.
    04/12/2021 19:07

    Women on their periods have increased male hormones (testosterone). So men are cranky all year round 😂

  • Courtney V.
    04/12/2021 17:00

    ‘The curse’ 🤣🤣🤣

  • Meghan B.
    04/12/2021 14:59

    “Be your most attractive self” when your uterus has swollen to three times its normal size and hormones are telling you to murder everyone while eating cookies and crying. Great advice.

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