• Ronald A.
    06/10/2017 00:03

    Sharks are natural predators. They hunt out of just instinct. They don't smell blood or we don't catch to much fish. They just hunt! They don't even like human meat. They just rip it apart and spit it out. Anything that is in motion is detected by its SONAR ABILITY. Which IS PART OF THEIR PREDATOR NATURE. IT MAKES UP FOR THEIR MINDLESS ABILITY SO TO NOT BE A PREY ! GOD MADE IT THIS WAY! SO GO ARGUE W IT. I WILL GET OUT THE WATER EVERYTIME I HEAR "SHARK "

  • Josh J.
    06/07/2017 21:57

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  • Katrina F.
    06/04/2017 23:48

    Of course! The same thing that causes women so much pain every month has to be the cause of shark attacks! Why didn't we think of this before! We should just start regulating beaches to prevent women on their periods from entering the water! All our problems are solved! 😂

  • Kristen A.
    06/04/2017 10:34

    Wtf, Laird. Yeah, the increase is due to our monthly cycle, one that women have always had and JUST now the sharks are starting to catch on. What an idiot.

  • Byron W.
    06/04/2017 10:26

    Well to be clear sharks hunt close to shores, over fishing it's not like we pulling up turtles and sea lions which they eat so that's bs, a female period has a odor I'm sure the shark can make out and say nawl not food bc that was the case how many females have been attack while on period. So the fact is sharks mostly be close to shores warm water and hunt.....!!

  • Annalena M.
    06/04/2017 10:16


  • Juliana C.
    06/04/2017 08:13

    when I went snorkeling 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • Andrea M.
    06/04/2017 07:33

    Mackenzie Dray

  • Gonzo G.
    06/04/2017 06:50

    😂hope a shark eats you guys

  • Courtney N.
    06/04/2017 06:33

    we are all going to die

  • Kaitlin S.
    06/04/2017 05:49

    Garrett Inman 😧

  • Kayla A.
    06/04/2017 05:20

    And yet, only guys were getting attacked in this video. Lol. They must be on their monthlies too then. Gtfo.

  • Nat R.
    06/04/2017 04:42

    not getting in any water on vacation hell no hell no

  • Abel G.
    06/04/2017 04:20

    I have yet to see a shark walk on land and attack someone........

  • Julie K.
    06/04/2017 04:18

    Robert Kijewski

  • Elise M.
    06/04/2017 03:59

    go to cali.

  • Andre K.
    06/04/2017 03:49

    i don't know how I feel about this

  • Gerard M.
    06/04/2017 03:03

    "...I award you you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul."

  • Hannah H.
    06/04/2017 02:36

    Ashley Alleway

  • Haley A.
    06/04/2017 02:28

    baby tell them to chill.