Stephen Hawking on global warming

Stephen Hawking's warning: Earth could become as hot as Venus... Which, by the way, is 250 degrees.

07/04/2017 5:03 PM


  • Shanon S.
    03/12/2020 01:25

    Google (Stephen Hawking Jeffrey Epstein).

  • Caroline A.
    04/05/2018 09:34


  • Julian S.
    03/16/2018 00:07

    In every woman & man there is a child that wants, needs to play. This play will be the foundation of overcoming the old concept of work & understanding the new one. We have the opportunity to extrapolate his own overcomings in life & understandings of the cosmos to society. ❝If machines produce everything we need, the outcome will depend on how things are distributed. Everyone can enjoy a live of luxurious leisure, if the machine-produced wealth is shared, or most people can end up miserably poor if the machine-owners successfully lobby against wealth redistribution. So far, the terms seems to be toward the second option, with technology driving ever-increasing inequality.❞

  • Ana R.
    03/14/2018 23:23


  • David E.
    03/14/2018 21:14


  • Maria M.
    03/14/2018 10:17

    Thank you ... You will be in your own space and time at the cradle of God

  • Breaz M.
    02/26/2018 03:48

    Actually eating animals is the largest contribution to global warming. Not trump.

  • Collin C.
    02/24/2018 20:29

    Gods not real

  • Andrew G.
    02/24/2018 14:53

    How do we know he's actually saying that?

  • Jaime R.
    02/23/2018 01:32

    We are all gonna die

  • Michael O.
    02/21/2018 17:26

    Man is not in control of this earth , no matter how smart he thinks he is, a man can't even control his next breath, god is in control of this planet.

  • Tyler M.
    02/21/2018 04:53

    Doesn’t the earth just flip axis and continents shift? Anyways.... We will probably all be dead before anything effects us so do your part and throw all your cigs & beer cans out the your car windows so earth can at least catch a buzz before it gets fucked hahaha

  • Jeremiah K.
    02/21/2018 02:11


  • Jesus M.
    02/20/2018 07:54


  • Kevin W.
    02/19/2018 06:48


  • Joshua I.
    02/17/2018 18:01

    He also said the earth would end, yet here tf we are. Its called climate change, and its been happening since the begining of time.

  • Austin W.
    02/17/2018 08:30

    Of course he will, He does everything wrong apparently. Can't we just let the man do his damn job and stop complaining about everything!

  • Marco A.
    02/17/2018 04:10

    There is no Global Warming

  • James M.
    02/17/2018 01:20

    I have not seen one educated comment on this comment section YET PEOPLE WANNA TELL ONE OF THE WORLDS SMARTEST SCIENTISTS/THEORISTS THAT HE IS LESS EDUCATED ON THE ISSUE. My god no opposers to climate change have said anything I haven’t heard on Fox....

  • Mason C.
    02/15/2018 15:20

    Harrison you think grandpa would agree with him?😂

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