The rare and elusive sharks that live for hundreds of years

This shark may have be roaming the ocean for about 500 years... Meet the Greenland shark, the oldest vertebrate known to man.

11/21/2021 10:58 PM


  • Sarah B.
    2 days

    Grandpa shark 🦈

  • Randy J.
    3 days

    They are sometimes caught ice fishing past Montreal. There was a very good documentary on what was killing sable island seals. The dead seals washed up on shore and looked like a ribbon of flesh tore took two yrs to get it on camera. They also show in the summer the Greenland sharks coming in shallow water in the arctic..

  • Sara M.
    4 days

    is this the shark you were trying to show me that one day?

  • Scott M.
    5 days

    A university carbonated a snail recently. They got that it was 30,000 years old. It was in fact just a few weeks old. Adding man made chemicals to simulate what we believe is the biodegradation process has never been a good idea or accurate. We do it because we have no other alternative.

  • Missy R.
    5 days

    show Hailey please!

  • Mafaka H.
    5 days

    Will wonders never cease ?

  • Bára D.
    5 days

    gud vitid um hasin er danskari🙃

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